The success of Dan Newlin, a Florida-based injury attorney
August 31st, 2015 by zuma

Dan Newlin is a Florida-based injury attorney and the head of Dan Newlin & Partners law firm. He started his career aged 20 years old serving as a law enforcement officer. He was employed by the New Chicago, Indiana Fire and Police Department but later moved to Orland Florida to work as the Orange County Sherriff’s office. He worked there for a decade and displayed exemplary performance. Due to his dedication, hard work, and integrity, he was promoted to become a Sherriff’s Detective. He received several awards while working as a detective and later recognized by the US Marshalls Office.

The journey for success started in 1997 when Dan Newlin joined Florida State College to study law. Upon his graduation in 2002 and having garnered experience in law enforcement, Mr. Newlin chose to specialize in tort law focusing on personal injury. He had a vision of helping injured individuals get the justice that they deserve, and wrongdoers held responsible for their actions.

His law firm, Dan Newlin & Partners, employs over 100 employees comprising of former state prosecutors, experienced attorneys, certified surgeons, support staff and other employees. The firm has been receiving several positive reviews from clients who it has served. Over the years that Dan Newlin has been in practice, he has won over $150 million worth of compensation to injury victims. Check out this article on Findlaw.

Dan Newlin is always passionate on the services that his law firm provides. He has utilized the social media to inform his past and future clients on the services that they provide. For example, he started a famous Twitter hashtag, #DAN that victims of accidents and injuries can call to get services. In fact, he has acquired several years of experience in representing thousands of clients. He has also managed to build a name for his law firm and himself as a respected and famous personal injury lawyer.

Dan Newlin’s success has also allowed him to give back to the society. Throughout his career, he has used a good portion of his wealth to help the communities. He has several community-based programs in his name that are designed to help individuals, especially children with medical problems. For example, his Miracle Project has helped many people. The project has received recognition from top-tier organizations and celebrities.
If you have injuries physical or psychological caused by a company, government or person, Dan Newlin is the law to conduct. He is all over the internet and can be contacted through Twitter, Facebook, or through email or phone number on his law firm’s official website.

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