The Career Path of Shaygan Kheradpir
December 2nd, 2015 by zuma

Shaygan Kheradpir has an education and years of experience has allowed him to join the ranks of top and highly known company. He is a business and technology executive that currently is offering his talents to Coriant as CEO. Coriant is an independent telecommunications company that currently sells hardware and software that for optical transmission to various companies. Coriant currently has several headquarter quarter offices. One in the USA, Germany, and Munich.

Shaygan Kheradpir journey to working as CEO at Coriant began in London where he was born. His father’s profession as an ear, nose, and throat doctor caused Shaygan to relocate to Iran. In the country of Iran is where he spent most of his childhood. In addition to growing up in Iran Shaygan received most of his education there as well. When he became of age, it was decided that he would move to the United States in order to attend college. He was accepted and enrolled in Cornell University where he was able to attend until he received his doctoral degree in electrical engineering.

Once he obtained his degree from Cornell University, Shaygan joined GTE Laboratories. This would become his first job. His job duties included network routing, management, and control. His hard work allowed him to get promoted to chief information officer. Shaygan took his role serious and saw his new title as a chance to make a difference in the company. While in his new position, he assisted the company in meeting new product deadlines on a consistent basis.

After working for GTE for approximately 13 years, the company joined forced with Bell Atlantic in the year 2000. This merging of two companies formed a new company, Verizon Communications. With a new name can a new job title for Shaygan. Under Verizon, he worked in the e-business division as the president. Shaygan continued to work hard and as a result he was rewarded with a new position. He would become the first CIO/CTO of Verizon. His new job title gave him the opportunity to positively influence the range of telecommunication services. He helped such services to expand.

Shaygan continued to make a difference with Verizon in the year 2001. He appointed small teams that were responsible for crated new innovative product ideas.

Though Shaygan had much influence in the success of Verizon, he would leave and join Barclays as Chief Operating Officer. There he would work hard and make various changes that would help to increase the productivity and performance of the company.

He did not say with Barclays for long, his journey currently has him working and being a positive influence at Coriant.

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