Class Dojo: An Ideal Means of Communication for Teachers and Parents.
May 21st, 2016 by zuma

Technology has begun to play a major role in education, even elementary school students have interaction with computers while at school. There are smart boards instead of the dated projector system in each classroom. Grading and attendance software have progressed to a simple, user-friendly system. Updates in technology are far reaching and now there is a new communication platform used at 2 in 3 schools that allow teachers and student’s parents to be able to openly communicate. Class Dojo is a program that can be downloaded onto a smartphone as an app, or used in an internet browser.

Class Dojo has already begun to create ground-up change in the way that teacher’s interact with the parents of their students, the process has become much simpler. Previously, a teacher would have to take the time to call a parent and if that person was working or busy a game of phone tag ensued. Teachers can send a message to the entire class of parents or to a single party. It is a simple way to communicate with a large number of people in an environmentally friendly way, there is no wasted paper. Class Dojo has also taken steps to create a sense of community between parents, teachers, and their students. Classroom pictures can be put up for parents to see what their children have been working on or to see a special event.

The new way of communication has empowered parents, teachers, and students by allowing all parties to feel more confident about reaching out with a question, concern, or issue. Students are involved because their teacher can award points for positive behavior such as paying attention during a lesson, or correctly answering a question. Class Dojo is sweeping the nation and helping schools all over improve their methods of communication. Parent-teacher conferences may just become obsolete thanks to a steady flow of student information to parents, who then feel move involved in their children’s education. It is a winning system for everyone involved. As word spreads about the effective usage of Class Dojo, it can easily be predicted that the company will continue to grow and expand to more educational facilities.

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George Soros’ Concerns Over China’s Economy
Apr 29th, 2016 by zuma

George Soros believes that China’s economy is debt fueled. He closely associates china’s economic situation with the conditions experienced before the 2007/2008 crisis. According to Soros, the March credit growth figures should be seen as a warning sign. Soros aired his views about the China’s economic situation during the Asia Society event, which was held in New York. The new credit of 2.34 billion Yuan, which was recorded last month, surpassed the median forecast of 1.4 trillion. The government of China on is seeking to enhance the growth of its economy. This way, it has been paying little attention to the growing debt figures.

Soros assures that whatever is happening in China is almost similar to what happened in the U.S. during the financial crisis. George Soros added that most of the money being supplied by banks is required to keep loss-making enterprises and bad debts alive. Soros has been involved in a war of words with the Chinese government. During the World economic Forum in Davos, Soros said that he has been placing bets against Asian currencies because China’s hard landing is unavoidable. In response to his prediction on, the Xinhua news agency refuted his claims stating that Soros had made similar prediction in the past.

According to George Soros, China’s banking system, has more loans than deposits. Banks have to lend to each other, as this is an extra source of instability. The fact that the problem has been deferred for more than a year means that it is growing at a high rate. The economy of China gathered pace in March. It is significant to note that the surge in credit has helped in the rebound of the property market. This is seen as a parabolic cycle, which can reach a turning point in the near future. The central bank research bureau’s chief economist, Ma Jun, said that the recent data points show that the economic outlook is better than the forecast made by the economists.
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About George Soros
George Soros is the founder of the Open Society Foundations and the head of Soros Fund Management. Born 86 years ago, Soros was among the survivors of the Nazi occupation and the communist domination in Hungary. He fled to England where he joined the London School of Business. Soros later relocated to the United States where he formed the Soros Fund Management. Through this business, Soros was able to create much wealth.

After accumulating wealth, the billionaire was in a position to fund different initiatives. His major philanthropic gesture in the late 1970’s was sponsoring black students to Cape Town University during the apartheid period. The Open Society Foundations operates in more than 100 countries worldwide with an annual expenditure of around $835 million.

Human Rights Advocate Yeonmi Park Brushes Off Doubters
Apr 28th, 2016 by zuma

North Korean defector and human rights advocate Yeonmi Park has captivated millions of listeners with her story of heartache and hope. At the age of 13, Park, her mother and her younger sister were able to escape from North Korea to China. The journey was not without terrible consequences. While some has questioned parts of Park’s story, she insists everything is true, and she only made minor alterations to protect the dignity of her family.
Yeonmi grew up what could be seen as a middle-class family in North Korea. Her father worked for the government, which provided them with a lifestyle better than most. Even with that, Park was not blind to the terrors going on in her country. The brutal regime of Kim Jung Il kept citizens in check. Anyone who dared to raise a whisper against him was beaten, jailed or never heard from again. According to Park, she witnessed one of her neighbors being shot for something relatively minor.

Park says she and her family were desperate and would have done anything to escape. Her father was found guilty of smuggling and thrown into a work camp. In 2007, she and her mother (her sister was able to leave before them) crossed the freezing Gobi Desert into China. From there, she and her mother were flown to South Korea.

Park says she and her mother were only able to survive due to sheer determination. Park’s Amazon released book, In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom, documents her ordeal. Park says one of the saddest things is that her father never lived to see freedom. He died of prostate cancer.

When asked by NK News about doubters and detractors, Park brushes them off. “I know what happened to me and no one can take that away,” says Park. She also says that most people should know the truth about North Korea by now. “Much has been exposed and the people can no longer be silenced.”

How to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze
Apr 27th, 2016 by zuma

The birds are chirping away and the air is warming up which means that Spring has finally arrived! While it’s nice to have the return of spring, many of us have a little voice inside our head telling us that before we can go run and play we should tackle our spring cleaning. For those that don’t have time to actually do Spring Cleaning, there is an easy way to get it done that doesn’t require more than a simple lift of a finger.

Booking a home-cleaning through Handy is an easy way to get that tedious spring cleaning taken care of. Handy’s smart phone app is convenient to use and allows someone to schedule a cleaning from virtually anywhere. With straight-forward prompts and a simple set up, securing a cleaning appointment takes less than five minutes.

Handy not only delivers fantastic cleaning services but peace of mind as well. Detailed cleaning service information is presented up front so you know exactly what to expect of your cleaners by the time they are done. Also, pricing information is presented from the get-go so there won’t be any surprises when it comes time to pay the bill.

Handy also takes care of screening each of their cleaning service providers. Personal interviews, background and reference checks are all thoroughly conducted before Handy sends them out to a home for a cleaning appointment. Knowing that the person cleaning your home is a professional who is dedicated to the job makes Handy one of the most popular venues for arranging a home cleaning – and one that is used time and time again.

The majority of customers that use Handy once use them again to schedule further cleanings. The site makes scheduling subsequent cleanings a breeze to do since the client gets set how frequently they want cleanings. In addition, clients can go into their account and change what they have done during their cleaning appointments. One may want to arrange a deep comprehensive spring cleaning now and then have a follow-up cleaning in a couple of weeks. In addition to cleaners, plumbers and other “handyman” services can be arranged through Handy.

Honor Given to CEO of iFunding William Skelley as Next Generation Real Estate Leader
Apr 6th, 2016 by zuma

If you are in an organization or honored by one, that enlists the inclusion of real estate professionals from organizations such as Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Kushner Companies, CIT, Carlyle Ground and Cushman and Wakefield one would think you are certainly in good company. Add to that the fifteen-year television anchor of “The Stoler Report; NY’s Business Report”, Michael Stoler and you know you have the attention of all those in the immediate real estate and funding center of the tri-county New York area. This esteemed group, Columbus Citizens Foundation just honored William Skelley, founder and chief executive officer of iFunding as the next generation of real estate leadership. What has earned Skelley such an honor? Skelley’s groundbreaking venture, iFunding is the largest platform in commercial real estate development crowdfunding. A disruptive idea from the start, Skelley has experience in being disruptive.

Harvard Business School professor, Dr. Clayton Christensen specializes in “disruptive innovation” and met William Skelley during his education there. After working at Olympus and General Electric, Skelley went on to work with Dr. Christensen when he founded Rose Park Advisors. The hedge fund had William Skelley as its principal. After that experience, Skelley went on to found his own boutique investment bank where he raised hundreds of millions of dollars. Skelley himself, while there underwrote over $2 billion in real estate transaction deals. It was after that experience that he founded iFunding.

Built around the idea that any accredited investor, even though far removed from Wall Street and New York real estate funding should have access to the type of returns the commercial real estate market returns. Investors can invest as little as $5,000 in order to gain access into multi-million dollar real estate deals. iFunding does all the due diligence in underwriting the transactions it offers on its site. Since they oversee the project from its inception through the investments life cycle they can offer their investors transparent insight as well as oversight.  Anybody can register on the iFunding website.

iFunding has financed over 40 real estate transactions and noticed a full 85% growth rate its very first year in existence in 2012. Since then iFunding has offered investors deals in crowdfunding on everything from single family homes and renovations to mixed use buildings, multi-family dwellings, condos, malls, offices, hotels and resorts, to apartment towers. One can see William Skelley this spring on Real Heartland, where he will appear on a financial panel with Regional Capital Group’s Paul Braungart.

Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfie Stirs Debate on Feminism
Apr 5th, 2016 by zuma

Social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram just to name a few, have contributed significantly to networking. People have the freedom to post a comment or status update in a bid to share their views with their friends or followers. In addition, most accounts allow the sharing of pictures and videos regardless of the content.

Kim Kardashian’s Naked Selfie on Social Media

Celebrities are known for setting most trends on social media like Instagram. Actions of various celebrities on social media have raised eyebrows such as a recent nude picture of Kim Kardashian on Instagram, which she shared with her 63.8 million fans or followers. Consequently, the photo triggered a myriad of controversy from the social media community as well as other celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Bette Midler.

However, Kim’s case is just a tip of the ice bag when it comes to posting naked pictures on social media platforms. A study conducted on 2014 revealed that 54% of young people have taken part in sending and receiving explicit content with the largest share of the statistics being girls, who are the popular senders.

Numerous debate about women exposing their bodies has emerged with Danielle Galvin argument revealing another case of society’s double standards. She claims that plus-sized women are consistently urged to cover up their bodies since such bodies are not appealing to men. On the other hand, models who are scantily dressed are regularly posted on magazines without any criticism. Therefore, the debate about Kim’s nude picture does not hold major ground for such criticism since society has accepted the trend of women on revealing their bodies in other mainstream media platforms. However, the question still stands about whether exposing the body is a sign of female empowerment and freedom or a sign of wicked pressure by society. The original information can be read on ELLE

Information about JustFab Inc.

JustFab Inc. is a lifestyle fashion entity that provides a personalized and involving shopping experience to meet the taste and preferences of different fashion lovers. Its two co-founders and chief executive officers, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg started the company in 2010. JustFab boast of an incredible collection of brands, which include FabKids, JustFab, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle. In addition, it boasts of an excess of thirty five million members in various countries such as UK, US, Canada, and Germany,

JustFab has revolutionized the manner by which women carry out their shopping by handling them like celebrities each month. Women are presented with a wide array of customized and fresh commodities in JustFab, which range from denim, shoes, jewelry, and handbags. The Fabletics line, which was co-founded by actress Kate Hudson, also boost the brands offered by JustFab giving members a clothing line to complement the need to be an active woman.

Slyce Releases A Very Promising Report
Mar 23rd, 2016 by zuma

Slyce is an image recognition company that has been improving its position for a long time, and it is trying to make sure that it can improve what it has to offer. There are a lot of people who want to use the visual search engine to get better results when they are shopping, and these same people are looking forward to what Slyce will be able to offer in the future.

The future of the Slyce name is very important, and it is something that will be propped up by the Universal Scanner that they are working on. A lot of companies have been trying to get their hands on the scanner, and now Slyce is going to release their universal scanner that will let people check the price and branding of any item.

Users can still put pictures into the app at any time they want, and users need to make sure that they are making use of the app so that they can shop more effectively. There are people who speed up their shopping by using the app, and now they will be able to see results from partner businesses that have linked up with Slyce.

The Slyce application is something that people can use to shop, and they will see results from Neiman Marcus, and Zappos. There are many people who do not think to shop at these stores, and they start shopping at them when they find their results in the Slyce app. The best thing that people can do to make shopping easier is to use an app that is truly functional for people who love shopping. That also makes it easier for these people to save money because they can compare and contrast as they shop.

The best thing that anyone has done is invest in Slyce, and shopping becomes easy because they company now has more partners, more money and more technology. The design of the app makes it easy for people to shop, and the app has helped people get in touch with its new partners around the world.

New York City Experiences Rapid Growth In Real Estate Sales
Mar 11th, 2016 by zuma

It is no secret that New York’s Real Estate market is already experiencing rapid growth. Who wouldn’t want to live, work and play in New York City? This city that never sleeps has everything you could ever want. As a result, more and more people want to come live here. According to a recent article in the New York City Real Estate Weekly article, more and more Real Estate companies are looking to establish their foot hold in New York City. Dave Liniger is now becoming a part of the picture. You might know Dave as the guy who took RE/MAX to the company their are today. Well, now Dave is setting up shop in NYC.

Despite the fact that the NYC Real Estate market remains lucrative, it seems that many companies can’t build their business to the level that would like in New York. However, Dave thinks that will change and has outlined his personal plan to move that along. RE/MAX is not the only company who wants a bite of The Big Apple. Keller Williams, Rutenberg Reality, Bond NY and even TOWN are all ready to set up and play ball.

TOWN has been in the New York City area since Andrew Heiberger founded the company in 2010. Town specializes in selling luxury real estate to high end buyers by using a neighborhood approach which is central to the philosophy of the company. TOWN understands the needs of New York City real estate buyers and understands that buyers in the suburban market like PA or NJ are different than that of the New York real estate buyer.

TOWN’s philosophy is simple. “My Town. Our Neighborhood. Your Home.” It is this friendly touch that makes them very successful at what they do. They can find you a home in a neighborhood you like. With a staff of over 600 real estate agents ready to help you with your needs, TOWN can help you achieve your goals quickly. If you or someone you know is looking for Real Estate in New York City, TOWN can help.

Ellipse USA Benefits from Jon Urbana’s Brilliance
Mar 8th, 2016 by zuma

His name has been making its way around the web the past few months as he continues to expand his talents and interests. Jon Urbana started out as a Villanova lacrosse player and soon began to spread his brilliance into other areas such as business, philanthropy, art and much more. It is no question that Jon Urbana has set out to establish a reputation for himself and he is accomplishing just that.

One of Jon Urbana’s central passions is for lacrosse. He played in college and eventually went on to play a few years in a professional league. Upon retirement, Urbana decided to continue being involved with lacrosse. Instead of playing, he continued his love for the sport by co-founding a youth lacrosse camp in Denver, Colorado. Next Level Lacrosse camp soon became one of the most popular youth lacrosse camps in the area. Urbana’s expertise stems from his lacrosse experience on the professional level as well as his pure enjoyment of the game. This combination is priceless and very difficult to come by. He offers a unique opportunity for students to learn.

Another one of Jon Urbana’s passions that many may not be aware of is his photography. Urbana’s photographs extend a large variety of themes from abstract to more common shots. However, his main focus is on nature as well as still shots of everyday life. His photos can be seen on his Instagram page as well as on his Tumblr profile.

Along the same lines as Jon Urbana’s official photography blog, he also has an interest in shooting videos. The themes for Urbana’s videos often are along the same lines as his photography with an emphasis on nature as well as everyday life. His photography is able to capture the true essence of every shot and transport the viewer to another time and place. Urbana’s videos also focus on his business and philanthropic ventures.

In order to catch up with all of the content that Urbana is putting out and get an inside look into all of his projects, it is important to follow him on one or all of his many social media accounts. Urbana has a large social media presence in order to promote his content to the world. His most popular source is his Facebook page as well as his Twitter account.

Sam Tabar’s Advice on Choosing the Safest 4 Digit Password
Mar 7th, 2016 by zuma

Many people are required to remember four digit passwords. Most debit cards require these passwords and many employees must enter these passwords to get into areas of their work buildings. Some people still cannot even get into their automobiles without the password.

We sat down with Sam Tabar, a technology expert who left Merrill Lynch to join Schulte Roth, in order to help you out with some best practices for choosing that pesky 4-digit password. Take Tabar’s advice into consideration next time you have to set that pin.

There are 3.4 million possibilities, according to an article on Data Genetics. Yet, Tabar says that over 20 percent of people use the same 20 number combinations. The most common is 1234 which accounts for over 11 percent. The next most common is 1234 which accounts for over 6 percent. Other common passwords include people’s birthdays using a two digit month and a two digit year. Still others choose years that have significance to them. Numbers that repeated like 1122 and 2233 were also extremely common.

People should be choosing passwords that are extremely hard to guess, says Tabar. Therefore, these choices should be avoided. Combinations finishing at the bottom of the list included 8557, 8093 and 8068. The number chosen the least often, however, was 8068.

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