How Andy Wirth Has Changed the Hotel and Resort Ski Industry
August 18th, 2016 by zuma

Andy Wirth can be described as one of the forces that have led to the transformation of the hotel and ski industry. His contribution at Squaw Valley and other major corporations cannot be overlooked. He has transformed the way these businesses operate and has introduced new strategies that have assisted in marketing and securing new opportunities for the companies he has worked with.

Due to his achievements and prowess, the the Reno-Tahoe Air Service Corporation decided to hand over the position of the Chairmanship and Presidency of the corporation to him. His management style is one of the things that have inspired such decisions and he is optimistic he will achieve even better results as his career proceeds further ahead.

Education and life

For the most part of his childhood, Andy Wirth spent time in Neubrucke, West Germany, where he was also born in 1963. His journey in education includes a degree in Bachelor of Science acquired from the Edinburgh University and Colorado University. While pursuing his university education, he joined the Rocky Mountains Parks to practice as a backcountry ranger.

How Andy Wirth as CEO has impacted Squaw Valley

One of the biggest achievements Andy Wirth made is joining Squaw Valley as their CEO in 2010. This would mark a new era because the ski resort had been running under the leadership of the Cushing family. He was the first person outside the family to lead the company, and his presence is an achievement on the part of the company since he has come along with tremendous transformation.

Under his leadership, the company upgraded many areas. The whole transformation process cost $70 and was an essential addition that improved the standards of the ski resort to march with major competing companies in the skiing industry. Some of the areas that received touches for improvement include the addition of modern entertainment facilities, face-lifting the entire ski resort, culinary areas and lodging facilities. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

With these upgrades, Squaw Valley ski resort moved from an ordinary resort to an international destination that could compete well. This helped to move the company to rank in the list of the first 20 percent in the industry.

Community service

Andy Wirth also supports philanthropic foundations. He sends contributions to the Tahoe Fund “Founders Circle” and has been an active supporter of community service and environmental organizations. He has also chaired several community organizations including Steamboat Springs Sports Club.

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