Honor Given to CEO of iFunding William Skelley as Next Generation Real Estate Leader
April 6th, 2016 by zuma

If you are in an organization or honored by one, that enlists the inclusion of real estate professionals from organizations such as Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Kushner Companies, CIT, Carlyle Ground and Cushman and Wakefield one would think you are certainly in good company. Add to that the fifteen-year television anchor of “The Stoler Report; NY’s Business Report”, Michael Stoler and you know you have the attention of all those in the immediate real estate and funding center of the tri-county New York area. This esteemed group, Columbus Citizens Foundation just honored William Skelley, founder and chief executive officer of iFunding as the next generation of real estate leadership. What has earned Skelley such an honor? Skelley’s groundbreaking venture, iFunding is the largest platform in commercial real estate development crowdfunding. A disruptive idea from the start, Skelley has experience in being disruptive.

Harvard Business School professor, Dr. Clayton Christensen specializes in “disruptive innovation” and met William Skelley during his education there. After working at Olympus and General Electric, Skelley went on to work with Dr. Christensen when he founded Rose Park Advisors. The hedge fund had William Skelley as its principal. After that experience, Skelley went on to found his own boutique investment bank where he raised hundreds of millions of dollars. Skelley himself, while there underwrote over $2 billion in real estate transaction deals. It was after that experience that he founded iFunding.

Built around the idea that any accredited investor, even though far removed from Wall Street and New York real estate funding should have access to the type of returns the commercial real estate market returns. Investors can invest as little as $5,000 in order to gain access into multi-million dollar real estate deals. iFunding does all the due diligence in underwriting the transactions it offers on its site. Since they oversee the project from its inception through the investments life cycle they can offer their investors transparent insight as well as oversight.  Anybody can register on the iFunding website.

iFunding has financed over 40 real estate transactions and noticed a full 85% growth rate its very first year in existence in 2012. Since then iFunding has offered investors deals in crowdfunding on everything from single family homes and renovations to mixed use buildings, multi-family dwellings, condos, malls, offices, hotels and resorts, to apartment towers. One can see William Skelley this spring on Real Heartland, where he will appear on a financial panel with Regional Capital Group’s Paul Braungart.

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