Lovaganza will show you the world and more
Sep 5th, 2016 by zuma

Want to see the world but can’t travel? Lovaganza is your ticket to not only see the world but enjoy and experience the culture. Lovagaza lets you watch tradition celebrations, art, dance and revel in the diverse peoples of the world. The Lovaganza Festival will be streaming live into anyone’s living room, bedroom or den. You can sit back and visit areas of the world where few people can venture or afford.

The Lovaganza Convoy is going to release a film called “Follow Your Sunshine” set in the 1950’s in a town called Frigiliana, Spain. This is a very spectacular movie but it has brought a lot of interest to the surroundings and culture of this out of the way village.

The town is a quaint local and very unique place known for it’s beauty and culture. The town itself has only 500 people and is located in the Malaga southern part of Spain. The unique village consist of white washed and red tiled buildings in the hills, surrounded by the beautiful blue ocean and sky. The abundance of local restaurants serving home-made Tapas under colorful umbrellas make the visitors relax and enjoy the world around them. Frigiliana has many historical site such as the the Casa Solariega de los Condes, built in the 1500’s and was not only a private home but is also the original sugar mill plantation. In August, Frigiliana has its largest celebration called “3 Cultures Festival” where not only do the local people but everyone is invited to participate. Lovaganza will be filming this spectacular event live in the form of Motiongrahy by Justine Cone. This type of photography will give the viewer a sense of being there and enjoying the complete surroundings of the location.

Lovaganza is a worldwide event built upon the ideas of Unity, Peace & Abundance. A celebration of the world of tomorrow and a future filled with hope.

These are the type of adventures, experience and knowledge that Lovaganza on Design Ideas will bring to you and your family. Without leaving your home. There is a big world out there and the more we can learn about different cultures, arts and people of the world, the more we will realize how very alike we really are.

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Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

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