Analyzing the Career Path of Malini Saba
Aug 3rd, 2016 by zuma

Malini Saba is someone that a lot of women admire. She is a self-motivator for sure. She has become one of the most influential people of this generation for all the women that are looking for someone to pattern themselves after. Her ability to maintain her career and take care of her family is something that has inspired a lot of women to go further and do more in their own careers. I am often inspired by the work that I see her doing. She was someone that did not waste a lot of time trying to ask what needed to be done. Malini didn’t wait for the hand out. She simply gained ground by moving beyond the expectations that were placed upon women.

The fact that she has been able to start her own non-profit organization speaks volumes about her skills. It also gives a small glimpse into her passion about helping other women that are in need. There are women around the world that have a need. So many women are struggling to do the most basic things like providing shelter and food for their families. This is why Malini Saba is such an important piece of the puzzle for at risk women across the globe. She is coming to their rescue with donations and help from others during the times that women need help the most.

Malini Saba has donated money and scholarships over the years. Through her organization there have also been things like tents and blankets that have been donated to the NYC homeless shelters. To me this is a huge thing that shows just how much Saba cares. I have been privileged to learn about Saba and her goodwill towards mankind. I think that anyone that is interested in improving their own lives should look at what Malini Saba has done with her own life. She has gained a lot in her positions of power for this organization, but she has never gotten about the needs of others.

I think that her Stree foundation is something that should receive a lot more exposure. It is such a good concept. To connect with people on a global scale is a hard thing to do, but she has managed to do this so well with her organization. She is reaching women in Africa, India and Asia. Women should be proud of the work Saba is doing.

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