How To Choose A Reputable Video Communications Service
Jul 26th, 2016 by zuma

Bob Reina is founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a leader in video communications service. Bob started Talk Fusion in 2007 and has put in great effort and resources into making the company one of the most successful in the industry. As a smart and creative individual, Bob Reina is also unique in the way he provides expertise in the area of video communications and his company can assist businesses in integrating their various communication platforms into a streamlined, cohesive strategy.

Reina firmly believes that once successful, it’s imperative to give back to society and communities around the world. He has programs which encourages and promotes charities and consider it his responsibility to ensure that others benefit. His company, Talk Fusion, fosters a strong commitment to philanthropic attitude and giving back to friend, families, communities, and animal charity organizations across the globe to create a positive global change .

Talk Fusion provides the world’s most advanced video communications technologies to create remarkable marketing and promotions for businesses and organizations. This technology has transformed numerous businesses and dramatically changed the way they communicate with their customers and clients.

Talk Fusion offers ambitious people a great opportunity to earn a great income by promoting the company’s products and services through the network marketing method. Network marketing has been utilized for many decades as a way to market products and services to the end consumer. Through this proven business model, Talk Fusion is able to create profitable opportunities for people who want to earn a supplemental income or start a full-time business.

Video Communications by Talk Fusion is an industry-leading video communications system and companies around the world have embraced this method of communication and are generating more revenue and growing their operations tremendously. They provide their clients with cutting-edge technologies that transform the way they interact, communicate and do business.

When it comes to compensation plan, Talk Fusion cannot be beat. Talk Fusion offers a compensation plan that sets the company apart from the competition in the direct selling industry. Visit their website to learn more about the great things Bob Reina is doing.


Superiority With Increased Earnings
Jan 21st, 2016 by zuma

Status Labs is an online reputation firm run by Darius Fisher that has posted nearly 100% in earnings increases. The company has helped businesses and individuals who are suffering from bad press that cannot be resolved with a press release. Status Labs works diligently on behalf of each client to find the root of the problem. The recent surge in earnings for Status Labs merely confirms their superiority in the industry, and this article explains the methods used by Status Labs to maintain online reputations.

#1: What Is An Online Reputation?

The online reputation of any business or individual is the sum total of comments, articles and press about these entities online. Status Labs studies the online presence of every client, and the presence is turned into a report for the client. Every client is apprised of their situation, and Status Labs begins work immediately.

#2: What Does Darius Fisher Do?

Darius Fisher is the President of Status Labs, but he is not immune to client accounts. Darius has created a customer service program that his staff uses for every client. Darius is willing to handle some client accounts himself, and he creates final reports for clients for his clients when they have repaired their reputations.

#3: Retainer Services

Darius’s mission for online reputation management is to offer retainer services to all his clients. He believes that customers should have an online reputation representative at their disposal at all time, and much of what his company earns is retainer payments for future services. There are several large businesses and prominent people who must have an online reputation firm on the line at all times, and Darius has left his business open to anyone who needs help.

Online reputation management is a necessary service for everyone who has seen a few bad strokes of bad luck in the public eye. Darius’ Status Labs office is capable of creating a new online reputation for their clients, and his business provides the finest customer service in the industry. Customer service, retainer payments and consistent reports are the hallmark of the Status Labs brand.

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