QNET and SHARP: The Advantage Of International Partnership
Jun 2nd, 2016 by zuma

Economies have a fluctuating nature. Economists always speak of what’s known as the “seven year cycle”. Somehow, in systems of seven, economic trends tend to ebb and flow. As a result, individual countries–at varying points in the cycle–will go “up” and “down” in their economic stability. Sometimes this can result in the loss of certain corporate entities who’ve made poor investments or financial decisions. Sometimes companies who’ve been doing everything right are likewise lost because areas of the market dry up. Modernity, however, has foisted a new mode of marketing approach on the world, and that is: international marketing. Thankfully no globalist hegemony has taken control of the world as yet, because should it do so, checks and balances facilitating international stability may be lost. When there are multiple countries that an organization has managed to seed with business implantation should one country’s territory lose demand for the product, the entire organization doesn’t have to suffer. The more international a company is, stratified through unique and sovereign nation-states, the more sustainable that company is. According to many, in 2016 one of the most sustainable companies of this variety is called QNET.

QNET has been an industry leader in direct-sales multi-level marketing for 18 years. Starting in 1998, QNET brought its line of health and wellness products to market. Since then, the group has expanded through Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines and many other countries. Their expansion is poised to continue, and as of May 27th, 2016, QNET entered into a partnership of the strategic variety with a Japanese technology group called SHARP.

SHARP has recently developed a new product called the Plasma Cluster Air Purifier. As of the recent QNET partnership, SHARP will be co-branding this device alongside the Hong-Kong based organization. This will allow it to be released in multiple markets/territories almost simultaneously, facilitating the greatest return for SHARP’s investment. Especially in Hong Kong, where smog is so intense it has become a weather pattern unto itself, air-filtration is in high demand. QNET will sell SHARP’s purifier very successfully in that region alone; and as reputation expands, so will sales.

Investors are keeping a close eye on SHARP and QNET today, as partnerships properly pursued often yield exceptional results, economically.

QNET is committed to making the world a better place through sustainable, clean-living technology and wellness products designed to aide the mind and body. With SHARP’s partnership, the group has gained a substantial ally.

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