Yeonmi Park’s Book Has Opened The Eyes Of The Free World
Feb 9th, 2016 by zuma

People that have been born and raised in a democratic society don’t understand what it is like to live in a country where freedom does not exist. Yeonmi Park, the North Korean woman that wrote the book, In Order to Live: A North Korean’s Girl Journey to Freedom tells the free world what agony really is. Growing up in North Korea was a jail sentence without bars. Most people that live in the restricted world of a tyrannical leader never understand the meaning of freedom. They don’t even know what the word means.

Yeonmi Park knows about freedom now. She learned what freedom is the hard way. After watching the movie Titanic in 2007, her family knew there was more to life than hard work and sacrifice. Park’s father arranged for his wife and daughters to escape from the country by way of traveling merchants. Her father didn’t know they were sex and slave traffickers. Park’s sister escaped weeks before Yeonmi did, but she never heard from her sister again.

The trip that Park describes in her book is an agonizing journey through the Gobi Desert into China. Yeonmi and her mother were sexually abused and starved along the way. In an interview with, Park admitted that some of her story was not as accurate as it could have been. Her memory of some of the pain she endured was too hard to write about. Her memory of the abuse was tainted by the shame she carries with her.

Park’s book has made her an international celebrity. Fame always produces skepticism in some people. Some readers have questioned the story, and the North Koreans say she is a puppet of the United States. But Park’s story is real. The events she describes happened the way she remembers, and that’s okay. It is her story to tell, and she is telling it to help the world understand what life is like in North Korea.

Yeonmi is free now. Her story on The Reason has been told, but she hasn’t stopped fighting for human rights. She is a true survivor that wants to help others survive and know freedom.



Rising Taxes Issue For Business And Investors
Dec 1st, 2015 by zuma

The Chicago council has created a new law that will allow the city to reassess the tax situation on all businesses in each of its districts once every three years. Before this, the tax reassessment was sporadic and could happen at nearly any time as a result of questioning from the area and also as a result of rising revenues in each of the areas. This new law is something that has increased the taxes and has proven to be somewhat detrimental to the people and the businesses in each of the areas that have seen the taxes rise in the past year.

Investors are also on edge about the increase in taxes. One of Chicago’s biggest grocery investors, Majeed Ekbal, has seen the increase and is anxious about what it will do for the businesses he has invested in. Many of the grocery chains he has invested in are growing exponentially due to to social media, and the taxes are constantly rising with the rise in revenue.

North Township 013 is one of the districts that has been the hardest with the increase in taxes. This is an area that is part of Chicago and has a lot of grocery chains within the area. It is a progressive area that has allowed investors to take part in growing businesses and industries, such as the delivery grocery services. These services may take a direct hit from the rising taxes in the area and may not be able to survive if the taxes continue to increase each year as it has been predicted they will.

When investors like Majeed Ekbal take on a property or investment opportunity, they do so knowing that there will be risk involved. Most of the time, they can assess the risk that is involved and make the decision whether the opportunity will be worth the possible risky outcome. With the rising taxes that are happening in the area, the risk assessment process may be more difficult and the investors may not see the benefits that come with the possible risk of taking on new and progressive business opportunities in Chicago’s areas.

Status Labs, the Leader in Online Reputation Management
Oct 22nd, 2015 by zuma

Online reputations face constant threats especially with the anonymity nature that exists online. Companies such as Status Labs have come up with the intent to support the initiatives of safeguarding images and brand reputations online. Online reputation when damaged is irreparable hence making it important for people and companies to make the necessary steps to prevent this. Darius Fisher saw an opportunity in safeguarding the first impression of people and brands online, which led him to establish Status Labs. Fisher co-founded Status Labs alongside Jordan French, where this pair was able to create a digital reputation management powerhouse. The first step in ensuring a brand’s reputation remains intact is through the creation of positive content and managing the same to remain at that level.

By creating their own content, people and companies are able to tell their own stories accurately without letting other people driven by malice to do it for them. Darius Fisher is the man to call when a person or brand faces a digital reputation crisis. The co-founder of Status Labs is a guru in the field of online reputation management, public relations, and digital marketing. The company began operations in 2011 and its staff base has increased over a period of 4 years to thirty members of staff. Fisher’s expertise involves offering politicians, prominent people in the public domain and business executives the opportunity to have a second chance on the internet. The internet is a vast community in which information searching has restrictions making many unsuspecting individuals to fall prey to malicious damage to their reputations.

Fisher advises his clients that staying anonymous on the internet might not be possible, meaning that they have to anticipate their perception of safety going south. According to this digital marketer, even individuals that desire to operate anonymously online fall prey. They always end up attracting negative publicity that they might have minimal control over if they had not planned for such. Through Status Labs, Fisher’s team creates a content trail that is purely business related and leaves out any information that might be damaging to a brand’s reputation. In addition, Fisher’s online reputation management practice is a pillar when it comes to safeguarding digital reputation. Not many people may know about the contributions that digital strategists such as Fisher make behind the scenes, but it is important for them to know that these individuals do exist. One can never be too careful online, but it is important for them to have information on online reputation management for their own good.

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