Reasons Why Status Labs Should be in Your Contacts
Oct 21st, 2015 by zuma

Warren Buffett once observed that it takes a very long time to build reputation and a very short time to ruin it. This is truer in the digital era where the world has been turned into one global village. Because of the accessibility of information through the internet platforms and the ease with which information can be shared, it is becoming increasingly hard to keep an all clean profile. It is for this reason that Status Labs was created.

This is a company that understands the impact of negative publicity on the internet for any individual, organization or business. Its main role is image management of any organization by creating avenues through which clients are able to communicate effectively with the stakeholders. Through tailor made solutions in accordance with the client’s unique needs, Status Labs is able to engage audiences using content that drive participation leading to sales. Listed below are some of the ways that Status Labs manages reputation:

Search results engineering

Whenever one intends to deal with a company, the first thing they do is look it up on the internet. A simple Google search yields results and displays information about the company. While many companies may assume that their lack of a website can safely keep them from the web, nothing could be further from the truth. The internet searches are able to fish out any information about the company that is available either intentionally or otherwise. This could be in discussion forums where it was mentioned, affiliate links or even blogs that could have been written by satisfied or disgruntled customers.

Bearing in mind that 89% of people rarely go beyond the first page of any search, Status Labs works to ensure that the results that appear on the first page of the search are positive. This is done by pushing down the inaccurate and negative information. The firm also works to ensure that your reputation remains positive by taking control of the related search features on Google, where they direct traffic such that the negative exposure about you or your company is kept away from the clients.

Public Relations

Unlike most PR firms, Status Labs understands that the rise of the internet usage has changed the rules of PR in a major way. There is a shift in how communication and relations are managed thus the need to have a well versed team that will handle it. Status Lab has been able to build a large network of journalists and bloggers through the “Digital first” PR professionals who engage the audience through active participation, thereby increasing the media visibility which is good for businesses and individuals.

Content marketing

When it comes to marketing the any person or organization cannot ignore the online community. It is one of the most vibrant clientele that can make or break a company. Status Labs provides an easy solution by creating unique strategies that are able to execute online campaigns be they political, business or individual.

From the above, Status Labs is no doubt a one stop shop for the online solutions that are a must have on order to keep a good reputation. Remember that once broken, reputation is hard to repair. It is therefore important to ensure that it remains positive.

FreedomPop Chooses Not to Sell, Accepts $30 Million
Jul 23rd, 2015 by zuma

Re/code reports that FreedomPop is not for sale. This week the mobile service welcomed the further funding of $30 million.

European firm Partech Ventures along with current investors Mangrove Capital and DCM Capital are providing the funding. FreedomPop said that they will divulge the identity of a third unnamed investor at a later date.

The decision not to sell is the result of considering the possibilities of accepting new financing versus sale of the company. CEO Stephen Stokols confirmed, “It just felt premature to sell.”

He also pointed out that the company’s potential to grow up to four times in worth internationally factored into the carrier’s decision not to sell.

Stokols also revealed FreedomPop’s plan to investigate retail partnerships. In the past services and devices from the carrier have been exclusively available online, but will appear in “big box” stores around October.

The CEO admits that many retailers want to carry goods and services offered by FreedomPop. “We are going to test the waters. … If it plays well, we will expand.”

A more efficient Customer Service is also a priority. The company will be expanding its roster of human Customer Service employees and upgrading the attendant software.

FreedomPop’s service is based on a unique business model. The freemium carrier offers introductory data for free and profits from the use of additional data and other services.

Improved Streaming services In Flight
May 6th, 2015 by zuma

Being a member of Amazon Prime has its perks. Among them is free shipping, faster shipping, free video streaming and now free WiFi on Jet Blue planes. The present WiFi services offered by airlines is simply not strong enough for video streaming on air flights.

What is being done is a way that Prime members will be able to take full advantage of having that membership and seeing the videos they want and love while in the air. The Fly-Fi service that many individuals presently access cannot handle the demands of the streaming video services and therefore makes them useless when in flight.

Folks at Boraie Development have learned that this move is seen as a strategic method to aid Jet Blue in standing head and shoulders above their larger counterparts. The big airlines do not offer any type of service such as this. This means that when a customer is considering which airline to take, this will be an option that may tip the scales in our favor.

Netflix has yet to come up with this type of collaboration with an airline. While many services with the larger airlines offer the streaming ability, it is simply not strong enough to guarantee uninterrupted streaming. Jet Blue and amazon os offering this service which will compete with our airlines and providers. The broadband is offered complimentary to Prime users and they believe this will make them a force to contend with in airline services.

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