Talk Fusion Takes the Higher Road Less Traveled By Many
May 25th, 2016 by zuma

Many people prefer to try out things first before they buy, may it be cars, software or even new snack. Talk Fusion, pioneers of video marketing solution announced the inauguration of their 30 Days Free Trial to their prospective customers on 12 April 2016.


For those interested in having the ability to incorporate video into their marketing activities, or even just sent video to friends, clients, or business associates, Talk Fusion is designed perfectly for them. They do not even need to supply credit information or personal details, just an email address, and a name.


Talk Fusion has decided to take the higher road that is less traveled by many. They do not want accidental customers. They want clients who understand and value the power of video marketing products. Most companies will demand credit card information upfront so that they can begin charging you on day 31 if you happen to forgot to cancel the service.


During the launching of Talk Fusion 30 Days Free Trial, Bob Reina, the CEO, said, “There is absolutely no comparison in the world to the value that we bring”, this display a high level of confidence in their products. It also explains why they want to get their innovative product to many people as possible. They know when prospective customers get firsthand experience on their products they would not want to go without them. Talk Fusion products include Video Email, Video Chat, Video Conference, Video newsletter, and Sign-up forms. Moreover, Talk Fusion Video Chat won the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award.


Once Free Trial Customers sign up the gain full access to all the products, they find Talk fusion products in a newly redesigned website easy-to-use and intuitive. Besides, the Free Trial is equipped with a comprehensive Virtual library, video products tutorials, systematic guides, and exclusive white papers that contain tips to help you boost your business. All of these have been incorporated together to help you get the most out of Free Trial experience.


Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina in 2007, and it has emerged as global leader in video marketing solutions. The company is dedicated to helping businesses grow and transform the way we communicate through its patent-video technology. Talk Fusion has also fostered a strong commitment to communities and animal charities across the world.

Darius Fisher’s Status Labs Makes Professional Reputation a Hot Commodity
Feb 5th, 2016 by zuma

Many people have heard the expression, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” But what happens to long lasting businesses that inevitably flub the second, fourth or sixth? Be it representatives with strong beliefs or the government finding out about cut corners, eventually companies gain marks against them that can’t be erased. And yet erasing them is exactly what one man does for a living.

Darius M. Fisher is president of Status Labs, and on PR Week’s 2015 Innovation 50 roster. Status Labs is an online reputation management company that specializes in online crisis management and search optimization. Since its launch four years ago, Status Labs has attracted over 1,500 clients ranging from politicians and public figures to Fortune 500 companies. In its short four-year stretch, Status Labs increased its staff size to 30 and opened offices in Sao Paulo and New York.

Fisher attributes the company’s success to its employees’ experience as well as the market’s need for reputation protection. “As an executive or a business, what shows up in your search results affects your bottom line,” Fisher explains. “And while you can’t completely control your digital footprint, you can positively impact your online presence.” In addition to crisis management, Status Labs also offers search engine optimization; which involves focusing on making a company’s listings stand out on search engines like Google.

Despite its affiliation with executives and corporations, Fisher notes a personal and ethical element to the relationship between Status Labs and its clients. “A lot of our business is referral-based,” Fisher explains, recalling an instance where he met a client at a cocktail party. While Fisher claims they’ve turned down clients for ethical reasons, he also says it’s important that clients get the benefit of the doubt. “…there’s always two sides to the story,” Fisher claims. “Whenever we’re speaking to a client, we’re always trying to give them a second chance.” That second chance is one many are taking, giving Status Labs its own chance to build a reputation. Find Darius on his website for more information.

Superiority With Increased Earnings
Jan 21st, 2016 by zuma

Status Labs is an online reputation firm run by Darius Fisher that has posted nearly 100% in earnings increases. The company has helped businesses and individuals who are suffering from bad press that cannot be resolved with a press release. Status Labs works diligently on behalf of each client to find the root of the problem. The recent surge in earnings for Status Labs merely confirms their superiority in the industry, and this article explains the methods used by Status Labs to maintain online reputations.

#1: What Is An Online Reputation?

The online reputation of any business or individual is the sum total of comments, articles and press about these entities online. Status Labs studies the online presence of every client, and the presence is turned into a report for the client. Every client is apprised of their situation, and Status Labs begins work immediately.

#2: What Does Darius Fisher Do?

Darius Fisher is the President of Status Labs, but he is not immune to client accounts. Darius has created a customer service program that his staff uses for every client. Darius is willing to handle some client accounts himself, and he creates final reports for clients for his clients when they have repaired their reputations.

#3: Retainer Services

Darius’s mission for online reputation management is to offer retainer services to all his clients. He believes that customers should have an online reputation representative at their disposal at all time, and much of what his company earns is retainer payments for future services. There are several large businesses and prominent people who must have an online reputation firm on the line at all times, and Darius has left his business open to anyone who needs help.

Online reputation management is a necessary service for everyone who has seen a few bad strokes of bad luck in the public eye. Darius’ Status Labs office is capable of creating a new online reputation for their clients, and his business provides the finest customer service in the industry. Customer service, retainer payments and consistent reports are the hallmark of the Status Labs brand.

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