Shaygan Kheradpir Brings Improvement To Coriant
Jan 13th, 2016 by zuma

Out of all of the things that Coriant has been able to do with their company, hiring a new CEO to the company has been one of the biggest changes that they have made. This is something that they see as one of the best opportunities and one that they hope will make a lasting impact, according to their press release. Hiring Kheradpir was one of the best decisions that the company could have made and this is something that they feel has already started to improve their company and the way that it is able to function in the world of networking.

Shaygan Kheradpir works very hard to be the best of the best in networking and this led him to be one of the top CEOs in the industry. He started out as only a networker and improved his skills from there. He focused on making the businesses that he worked for better and wanted to bring a great deal of improvements to them. This allowed him to rise through the ranks and become the CEO of the company. He made sure that he did the best work possible as the CEO for the companies that he worked for, which led to even more opportunities.

There are many things that Shaygan Kheradpir can do to improve the business style of Coriant, but he knows that the most important thing he can do is to give the business more opportunities. He works to make sure that he is very innovative and that he is able to give the people of the business the best opportunities possible. By coming up with new ideas that are related to the business, he gives Coriant everything that they are looking for in a new CEO to help improve the way that the business is run.

By focusing their attention on the way that they do business, Coriant can provide its customers with the best of everything in networking. They want to make sure that their customers have the most opportunities out of all of the networking companies. They also want to make sure that they stay on top as one of the leaders of the networking industry and will stop at nothing to get there. There have been many things that they have done to get to this point, but hiring a new CEO has proven to be one of the best things that they have done for the business.

Since they hired Kheradpir as the CEO of the company, they have already begun to see improvements in the way that the company functions. They have been able to ensure that their customers will be satisfied and have even begun coming up with the newest options for all of their customers. Kheradpir has even started to work with them on ways that they can improve their business through the use of ideas that they have. He has made the company a better place for employees as well as for the customers it serves.

Journey to Innovation
Oct 22nd, 2015 by zuma

Founded during 2011, Town Residential is a NYC luxury real estate service firm that specializes in luxury residential sales in New York. In addition, they provide leasing and participate in the management of property development, such as distribution strategies. Their directory of officers and professionals is the main drive that contributes to the success of the business. Their knowledge in the NYC luxury real estate industry, along with experience, allows the business to provide excellent service to many clients that are interested. Leaders in the executive, new development, marketing and leasing, sales and the designer department function as one overpowering entity to achieve the same goal: Growth of the company.

Press conferences also provides an advantage to Town Residential. Between the nine offices in New York, executives and representatives collaborate in a network in order to hasten the success of their results. Within the network, strategic positioning and pro-active media are discussed.


The company has emerged from a small business to earning titles such as one of the “Top 50 Best Places to work in New York City” and being on the main headliners of the Real Deal. Ariel Stulburg, a writer of the online newsletter, recaps the projects that are currently under development in order for the final products to be launched soon. One Vanderbilt, The Cherit Group and Somerset Partners are the major developers that helped with the design of infrastructures. A close analysis of the buildings indicate that most areas were located in Brooklyn and Bronx. However, there are many similarities. This includes having an area that exceeds beyond 100,000 square feet, ground floor retail, and specialized residential buildings The following projects are listed as follows:

1. One Vanderbilt Avenue- Manhattan
2. 101 Lincoln Avenue- Bronx
3. 2401 Third Avenue- Bronx
4. 664 Pacific Street-Brooklyn
5. 27 West Street- Brooklyn
6. 1721 East 8th Street- Brooklyn
7. 4439 Third Avenue- Bronx
8. 115 East 97th Street- Manhattan
9. 140 Friendship Lane- Staten Island
10. 541 Fourth Avenue- Brooklyn

What To Look for in Beauty Products
Sep 21st, 2015 by zuma

If you love beauty products, you probably follow the latest trends regarding them. However, sometimes the trendiest products don’t always work and you should buy quality products that are from trusted brands. At the same time, there are several independent beauty brands that are just as good as the mainstream brands. The key is to consider your preferences and needs as well as the type of skin and hair you have. Here are some things to look for in beauty products.

Avoid Products With Toxic Chemicals

With all the concern about harmful chemicals in everyday products, you should choose beauty items that do not contain toxic chemicals. Products with parabens and phthalates should be avoided because they could cause breast cancer. Stay away from products with FD&C coloring because they could lead to oxygen depletion in your bloodstream. Isopropyl alcohol-based beauty products are also a no-no because they make your body susceptible to certain cancers and parasites. Anything with sodium lauryl sulfate should not be used since it could cause carcinogens to form. Talc products have been shown to be unhealthy since it could cause cancer.

Products Should Match Your Personality

You want safe beauty products but you also want products that are suited to your personality. For example, those who prefer bold colored and wild makeup might like Lime Crime from Doe Deere. Doe Deere set out to create a line of makeup that young women would find interesting and Deere does this through her fun makeup line. The makeup in her collection looks beautiful on women without appearing overly made up. Doe Deere is also about freedom of expression and it shows in her makeup.

Consider Anti Aging Ingredients

You won’t be able to stop the aging process but you can find beauty products that help you look your best as you age. Look for ingredients that serve as antioxidants for your skin such as alpha lipid acid, retinol, vitamins A and C, vitamin E, green tea extract,and hyaluronic acid. Green tea extract in particular contains polyphenols and these are responsible for eliminating free radicals in the skin.

Take Your Skin Tone into Account

In the case of makeup, you should think about what complements your skin tone. If you’re olive or dark skinned you can get away with wearing bolder makeup colors such as purple, gold, burnt orange, burgundy or blue. For those with fair or pale skin, it’s best to stick with warm colors such as rose pink, peach, light reds and neutral tones. At the same time, don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades just because they fall outside your skin tone.

Convenience is Key

If you’re a busy person who doesn’t have a lot of time to prepare yourself for the day, choose beauty products that are convenient yet effective. For example, if you’re going to a party and cannot color your hair the traditional way, you can buy a stick from the beauty supply store that comes with a small brush and that lets you give a color touch-up at the roots. Leave-in conditioner is convenient because you can put it in and when it dries, you’ll only need to style your hair. In conclusion, the right beauty products will transform you in no time.

How Susan McGalla Opened Doors for Women
Sep 12th, 2015 by zuma

As a woman that is in the College of Business Administration I have taken a liking to some of the professionals in this day and time that have paved the way for us. I just know, without the shadow of a doubt, that Susan McGalla on phx has played a major part in helping women enter the doors in the corporate world.

Susan McGalla is someone I admire because she worked her way up. She didn’t start out as the CEO of American Eagle, but she pushed the doors open and broke the glass ceiling for the generation of women behind her. When she rose to the position of CEO it was evident that she had the skills to do the job. I look at this level of commitment that she gave and I wonder if I could ever get to her level. There is a lot to go through in the corporate world, but I have always been convinced that life is about challenges. Meeting the challenges in a job can totally transform a person. It can make them stronger. This is what I have to consider when I go out into the workforce. I already know that there are positions out there that people will say that I cannot do. It is from people like Susan McGalla that I can refer to and see a path when things look bleak. She reminds me that women can have the same greatness that men have in the business world. They just have to push themselves forward and go for it.

I love the fact that McGalla is able to push herself to the top, but she does much more than that. She speaks and gives away the secrets to her success. One could not ask for a better role model than this. She is someone to idolize because she gives you the tools to success. I like this because she is able to help me avoid the trial and error mishaps that she has faced. I believe that she has very keen insight, and I am in love with what she has done with her career. As the current Director of Strategic Planning in the NFL it is obvious to see that she is still breaking down barriers today.

My peers and I look at the evolution of her career and we see that she has been tough and bold for a long time. That is what women have to do. We are facing the challenges in the male-dominated corporate structure, but Susan McGalla gives us hope. She lets us know that there are jobs out there for us if we continue to stay encouraged. She is an example for many women.

The Inspiring Life of Entrepreneur Marc Sparks
Jun 1st, 2015 by zuma

For someone that begin his early year of schooling as s C student, Marc Sparks has become one of the most of the successful entrepreneurs of this time period. He has managed to inspire others, and I am one of the people that have found inspiration through all of his success in telecommunications and venture capitalist endeavors.

What Marc Sparks represents is a strong leader that perseveres. He has actually had a firm hand in more than 60 businesses in his lifetime. This provided Sparks with a lot of opportunities to fail and succeed in many different types of businesses. Sparks has used this to motivate a lot of his employees. People at businesses like Blue Jay Wireless wanted to work under his leadership because he had a track record of success. He would also be able to help Splash Media workers obtain a vision for success with his diligent work ethic. Sparks would use his skills in business to move beyond telecommunications though.

He never believed in staying stagnant, and this is what I like the most about his business leader skills. Marc has shown that he has the ability to take risks. Taking risks is impressive in a leadership role, but making risks pay off is even more impressive. That is what Marc Sparks has been able to do. He transitioned from telecommunications to real estate. This is a totally different business from anything that he was doing with wireless and phones. This would not stop him from learning and thriving in this business though. He would also go on to invest in auto insurance companies and a plethora of other business solutions that he managed to capitalize on.

Everything that he touched didn’t turn into gold, but Sparks continued to research  and gain knowledge. To me, this is the most powerful thing in all of his business ventures as a venture capitalist. He learned lessons and is currently working on a book in which he shares the ups and downs of the business world. He truly believes that anyone can become success in business, and his book lays a road map for skills that entrepreneurs need to obtain success.

It doesn’t matter what the business is. Marc Sparks has been willing to throw his hat in the ring if he believed that there was not some opportunity to reap rewards from this. This attitude makes his life inspiring to many people.

More on Marc Sparks:

Marc Sparks, author of “They Can’t Eat You”         Tweet- @msparks5010


Marc Sparks Makes Moves
Apr 30th, 2015 by zuma

The environment in which professionals conduct business can be just as important as the business itself, PR Newswire. For more than ten years, Marc Sparks of Timber Creek Capital, LP has been at its original location providing excellent service as a serial entrepreneur and owner of a private equity firm. Sparks and his colleagues have aided in entrepreneurs developing business ideas from mere dreams to substantiated profitable companies.

When questioned about the relocation of such a well foundationed business, Sparks was quoted as saying, “The process of starting a business begins with building a business model and acquiring the resources to ensure success.” Marc Sparks went further to explain his reasoning. “With the design of Timber Creek Capital, LP we are able to host three different companies in our facility and offer an extensive incubation period. As a serial entrepreneur and student of what it takes to succeed in this world, I have found that a quality, conducive and collaborative work environment is no less than 25% of the overall ingredients necessary to succeed. For example, would you thrive better or be more inspired with your office in a warehouse where the windows were blacked out due to the sketchy (but up and coming)neighborhood or on the first floor of a retail space on 5thAvenue (NY) with lots of windows and successful people walking by? Obviously these are two extremes; however, the point is to remember NOT to cut corners on where you and your team spend most of their waking time as it truly can mean the difference between success and failure.”

With such a vivid example and dozens of successful companies under his belt, Marc Sparks has hit the gold mine on what it take to make sure an office has the proper flow and structure to become successful. “They Can’t Eat You.”, the title of Marc’s book, dives into the his successes and failures. While being so illuminatingly candid, Marc shares his realities of entrepreneurship. His experience led him to start his very own businesses, Timber Creek Capital, LP. The firm encompasses his 35 years of unparalleled leadership and unrivalled experience when it comes to starting and managing businesses. T.C.C., L.P. stands to help aspiring business owners by entrenching them with sustainable business practices and ethics. By taking on a few companies at a time, Sparks offers them resources to banking, marketing, capital, office space, all while mentoring them. Once an entrepreneur has entrusted their dreams into T.C.C., L.P., they have everything they need at their fingertips.

Through his years of experience, Marc understands the challenges and devastating circumstance that even the best entrepreneurship may bring. His unwavering passion is dedicated to helping the dreaming businessmen and women build companies based on his wisdom and experience.

What’s the key ingredient to Spark’s sense of drive and success? ‘Spark Speed’. With passion, faith, tenacity, savvy of monetization, focus, diligence, and a unique sense of urgency are the ingredients that make Spark Speed a reality. With having an overflowing well of knowledge when it comes to entrepreneurial success and failure, T.C.C., L.P. is beyond qualified to help aspiring ideas prosper into profitable business models.

To stay updated on Marc Sparks follow him on Twitter.

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