How Andy Wirth Has Changed the Hotel and Resort Ski Industry
Aug 18th, 2016 by zuma

Andy Wirth can be described as one of the forces that have led to the transformation of the hotel and ski industry. His contribution at Squaw Valley and other major corporations cannot be overlooked. He has transformed the way these businesses operate and has introduced new strategies that have assisted in marketing and securing new opportunities for the companies he has worked with.

Due to his achievements and prowess, the the Reno-Tahoe Air Service Corporation decided to hand over the position of the Chairmanship and Presidency of the corporation to him. His management style is one of the things that have inspired such decisions and he is optimistic he will achieve even better results as his career proceeds further ahead.

Education and life

For the most part of his childhood, Andy Wirth spent time in Neubrucke, West Germany, where he was also born in 1963. His journey in education includes a degree in Bachelor of Science acquired from the Edinburgh University and Colorado University. While pursuing his university education, he joined the Rocky Mountains Parks to practice as a backcountry ranger.

How Andy Wirth as CEO has impacted Squaw Valley

One of the biggest achievements Andy Wirth made is joining Squaw Valley as their CEO in 2010. This would mark a new era because the ski resort had been running under the leadership of the Cushing family. He was the first person outside the family to lead the company, and his presence is an achievement on the part of the company since he has come along with tremendous transformation.

Under his leadership, the company upgraded many areas. The whole transformation process cost $70 and was an essential addition that improved the standards of the ski resort to march with major competing companies in the skiing industry. Some of the areas that received touches for improvement include the addition of modern entertainment facilities, face-lifting the entire ski resort, culinary areas and lodging facilities. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

With these upgrades, Squaw Valley ski resort moved from an ordinary resort to an international destination that could compete well. This helped to move the company to rank in the list of the first 20 percent in the industry.

Community service

Andy Wirth also supports philanthropic foundations. He sends contributions to the Tahoe Fund “Founders Circle” and has been an active supporter of community service and environmental organizations. He has also chaired several community organizations including Steamboat Springs Sports Club.

Shaygan Kheradpir Will Serve As The New CEO Of Coriant
Jul 16th, 2016 by zuma


Currently, Shaygan is running Coriant as its new CEO. He takes over from the former CEO, Pat DiPietro. After Shaygan’s appointment, Pat will now become the vice chairman. He will also return to his former functions as an operating partner at the Marlin Equity Partners. Coriant was built courtesy of Marlin Equity Partners. This corporation built Coriant by bringing together the synergies of Tellabs, Nokia’s optical unit and a section of Sycamore Network.
Vendors assert that Shaygan has had a close working relationship with the senior managers of the firm. This relationship was cultivated since the beginning of the year owing to his role as an operating executive at Marlin Equity Partners. The vendors continued to assert that Shaygan is a successful business and technology expert. They posited that Shaygan boasts of more than 28 years of experience as an executive in technology, financial services and telecom industries. Pat posited that Coriant was honored to enlist the services of Shaygan. He posited that his insights and guidance would enhance operational execution at the firm. Pat asserted that everyone is confident that Shaygan will drive Coriant towards success and growth.
Shaygan has extensive industry experience given that he worked at GTE and Verizon Communications. The engineer served as the head of operations and technology at Barclays Bank. This appointment is likely to make the competitors relook at their management structures. Coriant expects competition from Cisco, Infinera, Ciena, Alcatel-Lucent and many others. This information was originally reported on Light Reading as explained in the following link
About Shaygan Kheradpir
Shaygan is the CEO of Coriant. He also chairs the board. Coriant is a successful supplier of creative networking solutions. The company has been supplying its networking solutions in more than 100 countries. Most of its clientele include 9 out of 10 Tier 1 Communications Service Providers (CSPs) in the globe. Shaygan is a renowned technology and business leader. His first job was at GTE Corporation. Given his expertise at GTE, Shaygan was appointed as the executive vice president as well as the chief information officer at Verizon. As a member of the executive leadership team, he was pivotal in driving efficiency, innovation, enhancing product initiatives and augmenting systems modernization. Shaygan is renowned for his success with FiOS, which is among the largest infrastructure programs to be created in the United States. The program was made successful courtesy of more than $20 billion worth of capital investment.
Shaygan’s previous achievements saw Barclays enlist his services. At Barclays bank, Shaygan served as the head of operations. He also served as a technology officer. Shaygan was also a member of the executive committee of the bank. He served as a leader of the company’s TRANSFORM program. This program was designed to transform the bank for the 21st century. It was implemented in 50 countries. For its success, the program required the services of l50 thousand employees. Before assuming his role at Coriant, Shaygan worked as an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners. Here, he zeroed in on technology investments and strategic telecom. Shaygan is a qualified electrical engineer. This information was originally reported on Coriant’s website as elucidated in the link below


WSJ Reports George Soros In A Bear Mood
Jun 17th, 2016 by zuma

Big, bearish investments. That is what traders were calling George Soros’ transactions in gold and other “bear” investment interests, according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). They reported that he had not been an active trader in recent years, at least not to this level. Soros sold off a lot of stocks through his stock management company: Soros Fund Management. He has a portfolio reportedly worth about $30 billion.

Then George Soros showed his bear mood, and only spent large sums in gold and gold miners. According to the WSJ, this reveals how gloomy his outlook is for the future of equities trading, not just in the West, but across the world. Soros has repeatedly lamented the financial situation in China, claiming their market will fall and take down everyone else with them. He believes their form, or more importantly – the implementation of government is too corrupt to allow for any good self-regulation or other changes that would avert the stock markets’ meltdowns. Soros is worried that the same type of failure that happened with Greece and the EU will befall the all-too-rapid growth that China has not be able to sustain.

Read more:
Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

George Soros began life in 1930, in the Eastern European Bloc nation of Hungary. After surviving the Nazi occupation of German forces in the 1940s, he eventually escaped to England. There he graduated from the London School of Economics before finally immigrating to to United States. He is an outspoken multi-billionaire philanthropist who has often been especially critical of U.S. foreign policy in Europe.

George Soros is also the person who founded The Open Society Foundations (OSF). The OSF works to raise awareness and provoke thought on issues that affect everyday people, such as health care, education about sociopolitical systems, improve economic conditions, and the basic freedoms of democracy for all people, everywhere in the world. They also work to gain more freedoms in those countries that actively oppress their citizenry.

Learn more about George Soros:

Talk Fusion is Steering Businesses with Innovative Products
Jun 8th, 2016 by zuma


Bob Reina founded and is the CEO of Talk Fusion. It is an online communication tool that uses video to send respective messages to the targeted market and beyond. Talk Fusion was founded to offer solutions that marketers are struggling with. It has also provided personal relationships and business communication a better meaning that is being used globally.

Talk Fusion has various products that include Video Email, Video Newsletters, Video Chats, Live meetings and above all Sign Up forms. These products have been highly recommended to most businesses and direct sales have been improved making it a member of the Direct Sales Association. Bob Reina is delighted to realize that businesses and personal lives are touched through the platform.

Communication and increase in sales are as a result of properly utilizing the various products that are produced by Talk Fusion. It makes marketing an enjoyable adventure since the information is sent to an email and the customers or recipients can view what is going on, and they can ask any questions that they feel are essential to fulfilling their demands.

Setting up of meetings is being enabled by use of Live Meetings. Most organizations can reduce the expenses of arranging to meet in a given place and at a given time since they can conduct the meetings whenever they feel like. Customers’ needs are being answered using a video chat, and this makes communication easier. Charity foundations can communicate too with well-wishers and arrange their meetings or programs using newsletters to the intended recipients.

Bob Reina is also involved in philanthropic activities as a sign of giving back to the community. He has participated in a campaign of offering homelessness animals with a place to live and also be treated well by the rest of the community. Through his videos that are sent to various platforms, people have been touched by the message, and they are ready to contribute to the worthy cause of protecting the animals and coexist peacefully in the society. Governments are also being made aware of what is going on regarding taking care of the animals.

Helane Morrison Makes Sure Wall Street Is Legal
Feb 9th, 2016 by zuma

Compliance officers’ job is to make sure that the good folks at Wall Street are not just doing their job, but that they are doing it right. They must make sure that nobody is violating the law in the course of doing their business. Well, that is what they are supposed to be doing. There is no real way of knowing if the makers of the law are actually the breakers of the law. That’s why Governor Cuomo wants to have the power to prosecute these compliance officers. These officers are now very scared according to an Efinancial News article. They say that they are being unfairly singled out and held responsible for wrongdoings that are not their fault. They say that they are being fired because companies just can not fire their CEO.

Many companies have hired compliance officers after the financial crisis to make sure that everything is being done correctly and that all transactions are being done legally. JP Morgan boasted that they had hired an additional 8,000 compliance officers and Goldman Sachs has also boasted of their increase in compliance officers. These are just some of the companies that have started hiring compliance officers. However, regulators now want to make sure that these compliance officers are actually doing their job and not simply giving the go-ahead for everything that comes to their desk. 

Helane L. Morrison is the chief compliance officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is also a member of the executive committee at Hall Capital Partners. She joined them in 2007, and before she joined them she was the head of the SEC’s (the US Securities and Exchange Commission) San Francisco office, from 1999 until 2007. Before she became the head of that office she also worked there as the head of enforcement. She worked there from 1996 through 2007. 

Before she worked at the SEC, she practiced law at the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin law firm. In 1991, she was elevated to the status of partner. Before she worked in private practice she worked as a law clerk for two Supreme Court Justices in the seventh circuit. 

Check out Helane’s Crunchbase or her Wikipedia page to learn more about her career and life.

Darius Fisher’s Status Labs Makes Professional Reputation a Hot Commodity
Feb 5th, 2016 by zuma

Many people have heard the expression, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” But what happens to long lasting businesses that inevitably flub the second, fourth or sixth? Be it representatives with strong beliefs or the government finding out about cut corners, eventually companies gain marks against them that can’t be erased. And yet erasing them is exactly what one man does for a living.

Darius M. Fisher is president of Status Labs, and on PR Week’s 2015 Innovation 50 roster. Status Labs is an online reputation management company that specializes in online crisis management and search optimization. Since its launch four years ago, Status Labs has attracted over 1,500 clients ranging from politicians and public figures to Fortune 500 companies. In its short four-year stretch, Status Labs increased its staff size to 30 and opened offices in Sao Paulo and New York.

Fisher attributes the company’s success to its employees’ experience as well as the market’s need for reputation protection. “As an executive or a business, what shows up in your search results affects your bottom line,” Fisher explains. “And while you can’t completely control your digital footprint, you can positively impact your online presence.” In addition to crisis management, Status Labs also offers search engine optimization; which involves focusing on making a company’s listings stand out on search engines like Google.

Despite its affiliation with executives and corporations, Fisher notes a personal and ethical element to the relationship between Status Labs and its clients. “A lot of our business is referral-based,” Fisher explains, recalling an instance where he met a client at a cocktail party. While Fisher claims they’ve turned down clients for ethical reasons, he also says it’s important that clients get the benefit of the doubt. “…there’s always two sides to the story,” Fisher claims. “Whenever we’re speaking to a client, we’re always trying to give them a second chance.” That second chance is one many are taking, giving Status Labs its own chance to build a reputation. Find Darius on his website for more information.

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