BRL meeting the needs of investors
Feb 1st, 2015 by zuma

For 10 years BRL Trust Investments have provided trust services through private loans. Quickly growing from its initial 100 loans BRL has meet the expanding need of their customers through high-demand products and rigorous protection of their clients. Through diversification their services have expanded beyond simple loan services into Investment Fund Management, Mergers, and Capital Markets. Backed with highly-trained professionals BRL has become the top ranking independent administrator to investment fund throughout Brazil.
BRL Strives to meet the demands of their clients through honest and safe transactions. They specialize in transparency and efficient transactions. Their methods are unique and diversified – guaranteeing you the safest transactions within their sector. Their number one priority is ethical transactions – they aim to respect both the legal system and the interests of their clients. Through determination and discipline their work maintains an important part of their transactions.
Currently they offer services in the following areas:

Fiduciary Services
Their services involve the monitoring, tracking, collection and control of loans – their reputation includes management of over 300 companies and 20,000 customers. Through innovative and differentiated services they can insure the safety of their investor’s transactions.

Funds Management
With participation in both innovative and structures dealing BRL currently manages over 99 funds with a NAV of R$ 18.25 Billion. They are authorized by the Securities Commission and act as a manager of funds within investments.

Funds Custody
Through authorization of the Securities Commission BRL currently provides control services for custody of investment funds. The two programs offer many features including
Custodial – cash settlements, control of securities, control of events, procedures settlements and other necessary custody requirements.
Controlling—Asset pricing, investment funds, regulatory agencies, reports and other needs for controlling assets and funds.

Resource Management
Providing services for institutions and individuals BRL Manages investments funds providing a valuable service for investors looking for solutions within their markets.

Asset Underwriting
Providing asset underwriting through properties and assets located within Brazil and outside. Their services allow individuals to raise funds needed for real estate, agribusiness and investment funds.

Through financial services and strong ethics BRL strives to provide financial and management services to individuals residing within Brazil and abroad. All programs, services and investments offered through BRL stand to outstanding moral and ethical requirements while meeting the needs and the financial goals of their clients and investors.

Mark Ahn Discusses the Nature of Technological Innovation
Jan 28th, 2015 by zuma

PR Newswire recently asked technological entrepreneur Mark Ahn about where the world is heading. Ahn offered up a thoughtful discussion which not only focused on technological development, but also on the spirit which drives it.

Mark Ahn began by bringing up an ancient Greek epic called The Aeneid. Ahn stressed the fact that this ancient tome had as much to do with a modern person’s success as an MBA course would. And the underlying reason is that the protagonists of the epic were all driven by two important points. They were driven by compassion, and they were pushed forward by a sense of integrity and duty.

Ahn proceeded to offer up an example of how this works within a practical context. One of the most pressing concerns of the world is dought. While people within developed countries might forget it, water is a precious resource. Even a small period of drought can destroy the crops within an area that lacks the infrastructure to store and supplement water supplies. Ahn foresees 2015 as the year in which special care is directed to this concern. He sees people struck by the suffering of farmers and those who depend on them, and envisions a year in which special drought resistant crops appear on the market. He also envisions other solutions to drought related issues appearing on the scene due to use of smart technologies.

Part of what makes him so certain of this fact comes down to what he sees as nimble companies. These smaller companies are less weighed down, and can more easily move development to focus on newer technologies to tackle old problems.

Most of all, Ahn seemed to return to the idea of compassion being one of the primary drives for innovation. He sees technology as something which is there primarily to address the concerns and needs of the world.

Elon Musk Suggests Worldwide Internet as Gateway to Mars
Jan 19th, 2015 by zuma

Elon Musk, the science fiction reader’s dream come true, is launching a SpaceX office near Seattle – and with that comes lofty goals and bold promises.

“One day I will visit Mars,” Musk told the crowd at the launch event for the Redmond, Washington office of his aerospace firm. A fantastically wealthy entrepreneur like Musk knows that such an objective will require money (and lots of it), so along with the thrilling declaration of the long-term goal comes a shorter-term method to fund it all: the launching of thousands of geosynchronous satellites that can reach all around the world, providing high-speed Internet access anywhere on the planet.

His ideas are enormous in scope, but Musk has shown a surprising ability to deliver on those ideas: SpaceX has been in the headlines several times in the recent past for their effort at establishing a privatized presence in space. With figures like Musk, a company like SpaceX, and a feasible movement toward worldwide high-speed Internet, it’s hard for Bernardo Chua not to believe we’re living in a powerful age of change and growth.

Lenovo Reveals New Smartphone
Jan 14th, 2015 by zuma

Everyone expects to have a wide range of announces at CES 2015 premises. Lenovo reveals A6000, a new affordable smartphone while Vibe announces P90 and X2 Pro. Other new releases at CES 2015 include Fersen Lambranho, Samsung and LG.

Have you watched the Lenovo K3 Music lemon smartphone that launched in China last month? Then, Lenovo A6000 will not surprise you because this is the international version of that phone.

This is a 5-inch smartphone with 720p display, dual SIM functionality and LTE network. However, the Smartphone’s camera could be a disappointed with 8 MP primary camera with 2 MP front facing camera. In addition, LED flashlight enhances the best quality of picture while Bluetooth v 4.0 ensures data transferring rate.

Lenovo A6000 will run Android 4.4 KitKat OS with a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor. Moreover, 8 GB internal memory is reserved for the users with 1GB of RAM and memory upgradable option. A 2300 mAh battery is powering the device and can be changed with a colorful plate.

Lenovo has not announced anything about the Smartphone’s availability in the international market but release it in India last month. Moreover, the price tag is not priced but will cost less than $170 to the customers. So, surely, it will compete with the Vibe affordable smartphones in the upcoming days to capture the market.

EL-P Reinvents his HipHop Career at Age 39 With the Help Of Best Friend Killer Mike
Jan 7th, 2015 by zuma

If you know anything about independent Hip Hop like Igor Cornelsen, you are bound to know about the success of EL-P and his indie record label Def Jux. It has been a hard road for EL-P, battling against all of the mainstream HipHop artists with major label releases. His success has still touched many parts of the Billboard charts, but nothing comparable to industry giants like Killer Mike who rap along side legends such as Outkast. The friendship of these two individuals is really what has helped EL-P jump right back into the game however.

EL-P and Killer Mike are not only partners in Hip Hop, but they are best friends. Run the Jewels was a project 10 track LP that they both decided to release for free as a collaborative effort. Rolling Stone showcases the last few years of Killer Mike and EL-P’s success together. The two really have created a fan base that is sustainable. The festival crowds keep growing, and the albums are selling better than before. It is amazing to see the continued success of one of independent hip hop’s greatest, EL-P.
Kanye West Drops Single, Right Before New Years
Jan 6th, 2015 by zuma

Kanye West can be unpredictable at times, and he dropped a single entitled “Only One,” on December 31, 2014, right before the new year. Kanye Single. All the rumors had been swirling that he may be releasing a new single, but nothing was confirmed, until the song was released. The song is a collaboration with Paul McCartney, and it will be on Kanye’s upcoming new album. The album he’s working on, currently has no title, but should be released in the year 2015. After the big success of Kanye’s Yeezus tour, many are anticipating more music from the artist, as well as upcoming tours.

Kanye has come a long ways from being the spoiler who ruined Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech on the awards show. Although people still remember him for his antics, he has moved past some of the negativity that surrounds him, and is creating great music. Kanye plans to make several singles with Paul McCartney, and they will be released in the near future. Anything that Kanye puts out is highly anticipated, especially after he showed how great an artist he is in the past year. His Yeezus tour did so well, a movie is set to be released about it.

A fan took the time to compile video footage of Kanye’s entire tour, and uploaded it to YouTube for others to enjoy. He then shared it on Skout and other apps. More than likely, Kanye will have a great year in 2015.


Wale shows us how to be romantic
Jan 6th, 2015 by zuma

How many of us become consumed by the romance that we see on television? Somehow television and the movies make relationships and romance seem so easy. Thanks to Wale, music videos aren’t any different.

His latest video “The Body” featuring Jeremih, Wale uses imagery and actions to show how “easy” it is to woo a woman and eventually take her on a first date.

The video follows Wales as he spots a beautiful woman sitting at a table. She catches his attention, leading to him making his way to where she is sitting. The young star then playfully makes small talk to the beautiful woman. He must has superb confidence because the young rap star begins to flirt with the woman and ends up eventually giving the beautiful woman his phone number and guess what she calls him.

Wow I wish life was this simple. This music video could cause people to want to get romance lessons from the young rapper instead of relying on Time articles. Bruce Levenson might start listening even more.

At the end of the video the actions of Wale, lead him to taking the beautiful woman on their first date. The end of the video left me asking what is next? Sure he was able to get her to go on a first date, but does he have what it takes to keep her interested.

I know this is only a video, but one could only wish that connecting with a person that has caught your eye was this easy.



The New Wale Mix Tape
Jan 6th, 2015 by zuma

December became a busy month for new album releases. Everybody seems to try to rush in and try to get those holiday sales going. It has been a dismal year for album sales so it was more of a marketing ploy to promote albums as the perfect gifts for the holidays. The powerhouse that we now know as Nicki Minaj released the most anticipated album for the month of December. Fabolous and J.Cole released an album as well. Even D’Angelo crept back on the scene and released a new album. Now Wale is releasing new music, but Wale did something different. He decide to release a mix tape instead.

The “Festivus” mix tape is closer to the end of December. This promotes the upcoming album that will hit stores in 2015. This mix tape is named in accordance with the made up holiday that Frank Constanza created on Seinfeld. This is a witty prelude to “The Album About Nothing” that also gives a nod to Seinfeld. This is Wale’s favorite show, and he is finally creating themes connected to this sitcom.

Wale also presents something different by enlisting the help of Kanye’s DJ, A-Trak. Many people, even those like Dr. Rod Rohrich that are not fans of Wale, may consider the mix tape just because this DJ is associated with it. Many have already heard it on Wale hasn’t gained mainstream exposure, but he has always been one to watch in hip hop circles.


Space-X Delays Launch
Jan 6th, 2015 by zuma

The Space-X capsule launch to the International Space Station will be delayed until Friday. The launch was scheduled for early Tuesday morning at the Kennedy Space Center’s launch facility. Rescheduling is due to a technical issue dealing with thrust control in the engines. This issue would have automatically aborted the launch in the final countdown sequence.

Space-X is a private company which has a contract with NASA to supply the 6 astronauts who are currently aboard the space station. This launch will deliver 4,100 pounds of supplies to the station.

This launch is further scheduled for a new testing of the return to earth for the 14-story booster rocket which is the first stage of the capsule. It plans for the booster to go approximately 150 miles high then come back to earth and land on a barge in the Atlantic Ocean.

The rescheduled launch will be an early morning lift-off, which will be talked about on Sam Tabar hpoes everything will stay on schedule. The new schedule has a launch window which begins at 5:09 AM Eastern Standard Time.

Company Brings Wireless Charging Without Mat
Jan 6th, 2015 by zuma


The major hurdle facing portable technology has always been the battery. No matter what type of technology gets developed, users like Keith Mann are always searching for power cords and chargers to keep the units functioning. Even companies that promised wireless charging still required users to place devices on charging mats; however, one company is looking at getting rid of both the cord and charging mat at the same time.

According to Engadget, Energous has a found a way to wirelessly charge devices from up to twenty feet away from what is essentially a power router. The company refers to the technology as WattUp, and it utilizes a bunch of different wireless signals and some new technology to locate a specific phone or tablet to send power directly through the airwaves. Imagine never having to plug a device in again, because that type of mindset could be very possible over the next few years.

The technology deserves a standing ovation, and with a 2016 premier date firmly set Energous should be a company to watch. Of course, the wireless power technology does not just apply to phones. Remote controls could take advantage of the tech, and so could toys, appliances, lights, and a ton of other things laying around the average home. The company has poured a lot of time and money into this technology, but the deciding factor will likely be the same as always. It always comes down to cost for the user.

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