Taking Advantage of the Great Opportunity Presented by Qnet
Nov 7th, 2015 by zuma

Have you been searching for the right network marketing opportunity for you? Do you want to join a proven network marketing company that has a track record of success in the industry. There are many network marketing companies out there, each claiming to offer the best opportunity to make money and achieve financial independence.

So once one have made the decision to give network marketing a try, it is important to do your home work in order to choose the best company to work with. Most people ignore the critical keys in selecting a network marketing opportunity or company and wonder why they failed to make decent income or achieve financial freedom.

Some people join the next company that they find through someone close to them but it’s absolutely necessary that you make your own choice based on company’s track record.

When it comes to choosing a great company in the network marketing or direct sales industry, look no further than Qnet. This company is highly regarded in the industry, and has been around for many years. With offices in many locations around the world, and thousands of independent sales representatives from all walks of life, Qnet is truly changing people’s lives.

Qnet offers a line of highly needed products to people all over the world. Their product line includes wellness and energy, nutrition and health, educational products, luxury watches and jewelry, personal care and cosmetics, holiday packages and memberships, business books and media, telecommunications, homecare and house ware, and personal development books and media.

Team support certainly plays a very important role in this business. Qnet encourages members to support each other and then the business, and as a result team members are able to produce more sales and commissions than just running individually. At Qnet members support each other, and share the techniques that are working for them to get more leads, make more sales and so on.

If you have done your research properly, you know that there are many people who are taking advantage of the great opportunity presented by Qnet. The training, compensation plan and products are top notch, and the team support is fabulous. Any ambitious person can succeed with this opportunity, and finally achieve financial success.

You probably already know that recruiting can be a big challenge for most people who are new in this business, but Qnet training and team support make it extremely easy to get started selling their products and sign up distributors. For people who do not have marketing skills, it is absolutely necessary to get your training from a reputable company like Qnet. Their well designed training platform is created with the newbiew in mind, and experienced marketers can also benefit tremendously.

Strategic and Innovative Leadership in Business and Technology
Oct 30th, 2015 by zuma

Shaygan Kheradpir is the CEO and Chairman of Board of Directors of Coriant business group. He prides himself as a holder of a bachelors, masters and a doctorate degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University. The renowned business executive has an experience that spans for over 28 years and is a recognized supplier of network solutions that are innovative to major network operators in more than 100 countries, which includes 9 of the lo top global Tier 1 Communications Service Providers. His s services are enjoyed by companies affiliated to him and operate in technology, telecom, and financial servicing industry. Kheradpir was born in London, but his family moved to Iran where he grew up. He then completed college and moved to the United States where he varsity education.

As a technologist, his first job was working with GTE Laboratories in 1987 where he was responsible for the management, routing, and controlling operations. He worked at Coriant Corporation for many years and eventually become the Chief Information Officer. In 2000, Bell Atlantic and GTE Corporation formed a merger and named the company Verizon Communications. At Verizon, he worked hard to produce new products and ideas that saw him get promotions from president of e-division to the company’s first CTO/CIO. His working strategy was simple, forming small teams of employees that were responsible for the creation and developing new product ideas. In his quest to be efficient in the fully development and implementation of the newly created ideas, he develop a 30-day cycle that could test the new ideas and modify them to market needs. He had a team of over 7,000 employees that worked into late nights to develop Verizon’s FiOS Fiber optic video initiative as well as DVR in 2001.

Another creative product that was created by his team while at Verizon is iobi, which can manage caller ID, address books as well as features on other technology devices. He was responsible for the creation of a product, Verizon One, that can perform several tasks such as a phone, modem, router and is portable. The product was developed in 2004. The department that Kheradpir lead was responsible for the re-engineering of Verizon’s core systems such as website call center, automated care center so as to improve customer care as well as efficient communication in Verizon’s operations. Kheradpir made key and strategic decisions at Verizon such as Negotiating with product vendors and bought their product at relatively low price and was key in the elimination of Verizon’s retarded policy that was against the purchase of IT equipment auctioned on eBay by technology entrepreneurs whose initiatives had failed.

He moved to Barclays Bank in January 2011 as the Chief Operating Officer of the global financial giant. Kheradpir was a contributor to the development of initiatives and products like Pingit, a mobile payment software. He earned a promotion to become the Chief Operations and Technology officer. He moved on to work with Jupiter Networks in January 2014. He then got an appointment at Coriant which is a private equity firm that was created by Marlin Equity Partners in 2013.

Get Excellent Legal Services from Dan Newlin
Oct 29th, 2015 by zuma

Have you been injured or are looking for legal help? Highly populated cities are prone to occurrence of car accidents and as such you may be injured. You could have been wounded physically or psychologically as a result of another person’s negligence or wrongdoing. The solution is not to keep it to yourself, but to seek an injury attorney to take you through the whole process. In these cases, one becomes frustrated due to mental disturbance caused to them. The most important thing is that you need the help of an injury attorney. Whether you are looking for the other party to cover your medical bills or compensation for your distress, the fact is that you need an injury, attorney. Injury attorneys are experienced knowledgeable with concerning this area of law called tort law. Tort law includes economic or non-economic damage to property, reputation or rights belonging to another person. Tort law also includes civil wrongs to others. The experience and knowledge vary from one attorney to another. Dan Newlin has an unbeatable experience when it comes to tort law. You have a right to seeking personal assistance, and Dan Newlin provides the service that will prompt you to thank him later.

Attorney Dan Newlin is the top-rated injury attorney in Florida. Attorney Dan Newlin has always been ready to be contacted by victims for their losses and damages as a result of their accidents. It is a success that Dan Newlin recovered over $150 million for injuries and accident victims. The law offices of Attorney Dan Newlin works tirelessly and will help you get the justice you need. Dan Newlin law office is prominent injury law firm that is determined to fighting for accident and injury victims. They help the victims recover everything they need to for their wounds.

Attorney Dan Newlin has a team of experienced trial attorneys that have been defending and protecting the rights of accident and injury victims or their families for many decades now. They have collectively managed to recover over $150 million on their behalf in the form of compensation. If you allowed Attorney Dan Newlin to take over the process of accident or injury claim, you are not likely to receive the same or even similar results. All you will get is exclusively that which is your as successful results indicate.

The experience that Attorney Dan Newlin has been because he started the work at an early age of 20 years when he was working for the New Chicago, Indiana Fire Department and Fire Department. Besides, Attorney Dan Newlin worked for a record ten years with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. If you are in for legal services, go to the Law Offices of Attorney Dan Newlin and get the assistance you need. His team of experienced and highly qualified lawyers will get you out of your situation and ensure you receive compensation.

Gold – A challenging but needed investment
Oct 28th, 2015 by zuma

Investing in gold is a good idea for many reasons including the protection from inflation that it provides as well as they diversification it adds to a portfolio. Gold attracts investors over the world and there is a limited supply of new gold with many gold mines being already tapped. However, as a negative gold can be significantly harder to invest in then equities. When you find a stock you like you can simply buy it. With gold investing there are many ways to own gold which all offer their own unique benefits and risks that it has. This article will highlight some of these alternatives and discuss how you can improve your gold investing with the right help and by educating yourself on gold.

There are many different ways to invest in gold. You can buy gold mining stocks and profit from both the price of gold and the efficiency of a company, or you can buy gold blocks and see it appreciate over time and limit the impact that inflation has on your portfolio. Alternatively you can hold an gold etf that purchases gold bullion on your behalf and handles the delivery, storage and security of the gold. When these funds use leverage the returns can get juiced even more significantly. Alternatively you can buy gold coins or jewelry which allows you to slowly build up your gold investment over time and in small increments.

The myriad of options can be overwhelming and finding some help with how to make an investment in gold can have a significant impact on your portfolio. That is where a firm like US Money Reserve Inc can come in and provide you with assistance in choosing the right investments and both educate you and provide you with advice that can yield real benefits. Our experience with US Money Reserve Inc provided us with a true learning experience and they clearly have intelligent and educated professionals working for them.

As we have seen, gold can be a challenging investment. However it provides many real benefits to a holder of gold and it is an essential part of any investor’s portfolio. Gold has remained popular investment over thousands of years and no other investment class can claim the same longevity. Using a firm like US Money Reserve Inc can help you to understand gold as an investment class and to make the right allocations into this storied investment.

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Brian Bonar: Helping Businesses Run Efficiently Through Proper Financial Management
Oct 26th, 2015 by zuma

Finance is a section of science that deals with the management of money. This is done through the allocation of assets or liabilities over time in both predictable and unpredictable conditions. Time is of great value in finance since currency buying power changes rapidly. Finance can be broken into three sub sections that include corporate finance, public finance, and personal finance. It majorly prices assets depending on the projected rate of return and their risk level.

In any company, finance needs to be handled with great professionalism. This is because the field is tricky and can easily be affected by outside factors that can put a company’s growth at risk. For success to be achieved, someone well educated and competent in finance and the economic markets is required. One such person who is experience enough the field of finance is Brian Bonar.

He is a well educated individual who earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde. Brian Bonar also has an MBA and doctorate degree from Staffordshire University. After graduating, he volunteered at a number of associations that include the Greater San Diego Boys & Girls Club. He understands how rapidly markets can change and is a sure bet to ensure that investments make returns.

Brian Bonar has a rich resume that boosts of 17 years at technology giant IBM. He has also held other positions that include Executive Director of QMS, Worldwide Sales Manager for Adaptec and Vice President for Sales and Marketing for Rastek Corporation. Presently, he works at Dalrada Financial Corporation as the Chairman and CEO. Brian Bonar has worked in the company since 1992 starting as the Director for Technology Sales, Vice President Sales and Marketing and later becoming the Executive Vice President. He was then promoted to be the Chief Operating Officer and President before becoming the CEO and Chairman in 1998 and 1999 correspondingly.

At Dalrada, Brian Bonar has developed a number of products that offer clients services according to the current economic markets. This is done with a great understanding of the perfect path to follow in order to reward each venture. Businesses are now run effectively through the provision of employee programs like payrolls, benefits, and insurance. Other businesses are also helped to get their financial statements right with the help of Daralda in financial management.

Brian Borner has over 30 years experience in Finance. He was recently named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. This is a list based people’s professional accomplishments, leadership abilities and academic qualifications.

Get Help With House Chore
Oct 25th, 2015 by zuma

It can be stressful trying to balance every thing in our busy lives. Some of us have children to deal with. Some of us have a busy work life and a busy home life we have to balance out just right.

After dealing with work and the family, we still have house chores needing to be done. There could also be plumbing issues, yard work, and other jobs around the home needing our attention. It can be difficult trying to get all the house chores done, both inside and outside of the home, while balancing our work life and family life.

When we find ourselves low on time there is a simple solution to solving where we will get the time to do household chores and handy work. We do not want our household chores to get behind or suffer because of lack of time. If and when we find our household chores suffering, we could always get a hold of a cleaning service or handy man service.

One place we could get a hold of is called Handy. This business does it all from cleaning inside the house, doing yard work, doing plumbing services, and doing many types of handy work.

Some of the popular services Handy does are interior painting, assembling furniture, cleaning, fixing light fixtures, fixing faucets, and moving. Besides cleaning residential places, Handy also cleans commercial buildings and vacation rental units.

Currently Handy is located in United Kingdom, Canada, and in 28 cities in the United States. Each person Handy is looking to hire will go through an extensive background check. Handy wants to make sure each and every employee is trustworthy and able to work around every age group. Residential homes and commercial places can and will feel safe around all the employees.

To book Handy on crunchbase for a job at a residence or commercial building, a person or business would log onto the website. Once on the website there will be a place to book the job needing to be done. When the job has been booked, payment will be done online through a secure server. If a residence or commercial place is not satisfied with the work done, Handy has a guarantee of refunding 100% of the cost of hiring the service.

Besides booking and paying for Handy through their website, there is an app that can be downloaded to certain phones and other mobile devices. Handy services can be booked either way the residence or commercial place feels comfortable with.

Status Labs, the Leader in Online Reputation Management
Oct 22nd, 2015 by zuma

Online reputations face constant threats especially with the anonymity nature that exists online. Companies such as Status Labs have come up with the intent to support the initiatives of safeguarding images and brand reputations online. Online reputation when damaged is irreparable hence making it important for people and companies to make the necessary steps to prevent this. Darius Fisher saw an opportunity in safeguarding the first impression of people and brands online, which led him to establish Status Labs. Fisher co-founded Status Labs alongside Jordan French, where this pair was able to create a digital reputation management powerhouse. The first step in ensuring a brand’s reputation remains intact is through the creation of positive content and managing the same to remain at that level.

By creating their own content, people and companies are able to tell their own stories accurately without letting other people driven by malice to do it for them. Darius Fisher is the man to call when a person or brand faces a digital reputation crisis. The co-founder of Status Labs is a guru in the field of online reputation management, public relations, and digital marketing. The company began operations in 2011 and its staff base has increased over a period of 4 years to thirty members of staff. Fisher’s expertise involves offering politicians, prominent people in the public domain and business executives the opportunity to have a second chance on the internet. The internet is a vast community in which information searching has restrictions making many unsuspecting individuals to fall prey to malicious damage to their reputations.

Fisher advises his clients that staying anonymous on the internet might not be possible, meaning that they have to anticipate their perception of safety going south. According to this digital marketer, even individuals that desire to operate anonymously online fall prey. They always end up attracting negative publicity that they might have minimal control over if they had not planned for such. Through Status Labs, Fisher’s team creates a content trail that is purely business related and leaves out any information that might be damaging to a brand’s reputation. In addition, Fisher’s online reputation management practice is a pillar when it comes to safeguarding digital reputation. Not many people may know about the contributions that digital strategists such as Fisher make behind the scenes, but it is important for them to know that these individuals do exist. One can never be too careful online, but it is important for them to have information on online reputation management for their own good.

Journey to Innovation
Oct 22nd, 2015 by zuma

Founded during 2011, Town Residential is a NYC luxury real estate service firm that specializes in luxury residential sales in New York. In addition, they provide leasing and participate in the management of property development, such as distribution strategies. Their directory of officers and professionals is the main drive that contributes to the success of the business. Their knowledge in the NYC luxury real estate industry, along with experience, allows the business to provide excellent service to many clients that are interested. Leaders in the executive, new development, marketing and leasing, sales and the designer department function as one overpowering entity to achieve the same goal: Growth of the company.

Press conferences also provides an advantage to Town Residential. Between the nine offices in New York, executives and representatives collaborate in a network in order to hasten the success of their results. Within the network, strategic positioning and pro-active media are discussed.


The company has emerged from a small business to earning titles such as one of the “Top 50 Best Places to work in New York City” and being on the main headliners of the Real Deal. Ariel Stulburg, a writer of the online newsletter, recaps the projects that are currently under development in order for the final products to be launched soon. One Vanderbilt, The Cherit Group and Somerset Partners are the major developers that helped with the design of infrastructures. A close analysis of the buildings indicate that most areas were located in Brooklyn and Bronx. However, there are many similarities. This includes having an area that exceeds beyond 100,000 square feet, ground floor retail, and specialized residential buildings The following projects are listed as follows:

1. One Vanderbilt Avenue- Manhattan
2. 101 Lincoln Avenue- Bronx
3. 2401 Third Avenue- Bronx
4. 664 Pacific Street-Brooklyn
5. 27 West Street- Brooklyn
6. 1721 East 8th Street- Brooklyn
7. 4439 Third Avenue- Bronx
8. 115 East 97th Street- Manhattan
9. 140 Friendship Lane- Staten Island
10. 541 Fourth Avenue- Brooklyn

The Success of Eric Pulier
Oct 22nd, 2015 by zuma

Eric Pulier is one of the most influential and well respected businessmen in the United States. Mr. Pulier has not only been recognized by his involvement in the world of technology to better the world, but also has been recognized as a full blown philanthropist who is dedicated to help all. Mr. Pulier has dedicated his life to not only helping the world, but making sure that the children in the world have the privileges that he has obtained.

Mr. Pulier started his successful career as an entrepreneur as early as the fourth grade. In the fourth grade, Mr. Pulier built his first computer. By high school, Mr. Pulier had already started up his first business which involved computer programming. This displayed intelligence is what later got him accepted into Harvard University. At Harvard University, Mr. Pulier studied American and English Literature. Mr. Pulier was even involved in the school newspaper as one of the editors.

After graduating from Harvard University, Mr. Pulier decided to move to Los Angeles to begin his career as an entrepreneur. In 1991, Mr. Pulier’s first company to begin in Los Angeles was a company known as People Doing Things. This company specialized in creating solutions for healthcare through the use of technology. This company was followed by a company known as Digital Evolution in 1994. This company eventually merged with another company in 1998.

One of Eric Pulier’s most notable accomplishment’s was his creation of Starbright World. This is a social network that was created for children with chronicle illnesses. This is an opportunity for children who have the same fatality to chat with each other, blog about their experiences, and to post content on each others’ walls. This social network was used and connected over 70 different hospitals in the United States.

Mr. Pulier’s many accomplishments in business are what made him the prime candidate to created and execute the “Bridge to the 21st Century” exhibition. This exhibition was created to showcase new technological innovations. President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore were both at the exhibition and both honored Eric Pulier for creating the exhibition.

The exhibition itself was divided into categories such as environment, healthcare, family, etc. The exhibition was visited by thousands of spectators including Supreme Court members, politicians, and many others. The exhibition was a true success. Vice President Al Gore even requested that Mr. Pulier remain on his team of advisers for the purpose of helping to solve problems through the use of technology.

Mr. Pulier has dedicated his life to not only create technology, but to also use technology for the greater good. Through Mr. Pulier’s work, several issues such as healthcare are being thought through thanks to the use of technology.

Reasons Why Status Labs Should be in Your Contacts
Oct 21st, 2015 by zuma

Warren Buffett once observed that it takes a very long time to build reputation and a very short time to ruin it. This is truer in the digital era where the world has been turned into one global village. Because of the accessibility of information through the internet platforms and the ease with which information can be shared, it is becoming increasingly hard to keep an all clean profile. It is for this reason that Status Labs was created.

This is a company that understands the impact of negative publicity on the internet for any individual, organization or business. Its main role is image management of any organization by creating avenues through which clients are able to communicate effectively with the stakeholders. Through tailor made solutions in accordance with the client’s unique needs, Status Labs is able to engage audiences using content that drive participation leading to sales. Listed below are some of the ways that Status Labs manages reputation:

Search results engineering

Whenever one intends to deal with a company, the first thing they do is look it up on the internet. A simple Google search yields results and displays information about the company. While many companies may assume that their lack of a website can safely keep them from the web, nothing could be further from the truth. The internet searches are able to fish out any information about the company that is available either intentionally or otherwise. This could be in discussion forums where it was mentioned, affiliate links or even blogs that could have been written by satisfied or disgruntled customers.

Bearing in mind that 89% of people rarely go beyond the first page of any search, Status Labs works to ensure that the results that appear on the first page of the search are positive. This is done by pushing down the inaccurate and negative information. The firm also works to ensure that your reputation remains positive by taking control of the related search features on Google, where they direct traffic such that the negative exposure about you or your company is kept away from the clients.

Public Relations

Unlike most PR firms, Status Labs understands that the rise of the internet usage has changed the rules of PR in a major way. There is a shift in how communication and relations are managed thus the need to have a well versed team that will handle it. Status Lab has been able to build a large network of journalists and bloggers through the “Digital first” PR professionals who engage the audience through active participation, thereby increasing the media visibility which is good for businesses and individuals.

Content marketing

When it comes to marketing the any person or organization cannot ignore the online community. It is one of the most vibrant clientele that can make or break a company. Status Labs provides an easy solution by creating unique strategies that are able to execute online campaigns be they political, business or individual.

From the above, Status Labs is no doubt a one stop shop for the online solutions that are a must have on order to keep a good reputation. Remember that once broken, reputation is hard to repair. It is therefore important to ensure that it remains positive.

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