The Price of Gold Unceremoniously Weakens
Apr 13th, 2015 by zuma

For roughly three decades, people (mostly) ignored opportunities to invest in gold. After a boom in the 1970’s, gold went bust. The return of massively rising gold prices once again renewed interest. Sadly, the bust cycle is repeating itself. Despite some promising news in recent weeks, the price of gold is starting to weaken once again.

The price of gold is often related to common causes and effects. When the dollar is weak, the value of gold declines. Once the dollar strengthens, the price of gold is going to increase. Right now, the dollar seems to be on the path of increasing in value and strength. As the dollar becomes the winner, gold is the loser.

This does not mean the price of gold is automatically going to collapse. (Granted, that did happen in the past) However, as long as the dollar becomes stronger, the chances of seeing huge spikes in the price of gold decrease measurably.

Where does this leave people like Crystal Hunt who want to hedge their portfolio investments through putting money into gold? Honestly, there are going to be far fewer people with this strategy as the value of gold decline. Sure, there are going to be a large number of people who have great faith in gold but the “precious metals buying fad” of the earlier part of the decade is probably over.

Of course, gold will rebound in a big way one of these days. When is anybody’s guess.

The Strange Connection Between Bleach And Respiratory Problems In Children
Apr 13th, 2015 by zuma

Bleach definitely has its benefits. The liquid substance offers a usually reliable solution for dirt, grime, and bacteria. Troubling substances such as mold and mildew are destroyed once bleach touches them. The problem with bleach is the fumes that emanate from the location it has poured end up permeating the air. For young children who are asleep in the home, those fumes have the potential to cause respiratory damage.

A report that has come out of Europe on the effects of bleach on children reveals seriously scary information. The results should not come as a surprise. Bleach is a decidedly harsh substance. How could it not do damage to children. Likely, the great surprise is found in the revelation of just how potentially harmful bleach fumes can be.

Learning bleach is potentially very harmful is surely going to lead parents to get rid of every bottle of bleach out of the home. The obvious problem here is, once you get rid of all the bottles of cleaning products containing bleach, what replacement do you select to clean up the home?

Endorsing a specific product is quite impossible. A better strategy would be to provide some simple advice: try out one of the many organic cleaning solutions on the market that contain no harsh chemical ingredients. This is what Sergio Cortes thinks they will do. Long time users of traditional bleach probably won’t believe natural ingredients are effective unless they read additional materials. To repeat, try them out and see what happens.

Mark Ahn Interview on Entrepreneur Podcast Network
Apr 9th, 2015 by zuma

I was checking out the Entrepreneur channel on the E Podcast Network and was super excited to find a new interview with Mark Ahn, who I wrote about back in January.

Mark Ahn, Principal of Pukana Partners, Ltd., a consulting firm in the field of biotechnology, says a promising future lies ahead for the entrepreneur. Ahn cites upward trends in digitalization and app technology as well as the globalization of capital markets to support his prediction. However, he recognizes the drawbacks of post-recession cautions and the avoidance of entry into the start-up economy by those sustaining high student debt and inexperience. In an interview with Eric Dye, of Entrepreneur Podcast Network, Ahn discussed attractive opportunities in life science technologies referring to what he calls the three Bs of this rising industry; bench, to bedside to business model. As mounting trends shift patient care focus from large-scale pharmaceuticals and clinical trials, using one-size-fits-all research and development, new biology concentrates on patient-specific or designer drug production and treatments.

Ahn speaks of “great science” that can trigger genetic switches to turn off or impede negative processes and turn on a patient’s own ability to fight and conquer. Mark Ahn explains one particular method, as in the case of MPS 1, or Hurler Syndrome, in which a patient’s blood is drawn, selected cells are isolated, corrective DNA is added and grown outside of the patient’s body, then re-infused helping them to produce their own corrected protein. Such personalized medicine has the ability to provide remarkable results in chronic, complex and even ultra-orphan diseases such as the above.

Ahn suggests that as patients gain access to a growing range of tailor-made treatments the businesses supporting them must also change, from the giant pharmaceutical model to that which is more patient centered, thus providing fertile ground for the pursuit of new biology and wide-open opportunity for the life science entrepreneur.

Follow Mark Ahn on Twitter for more of his ideas and insights.

The HoloLens From Microsoft
Apr 8th, 2015 by zuma

Microsoft has just revealed some particularly ingenius tech plans: the HoloLens. This is a pair of holographic glasses that incorporate their own CPU and GPU, a dedicated holographic processor, and work without wires or any additional device connections. The self-sufficiency is good, but what about functionality?

The video about the possibilities of the HoloLens is impressive and reveals the educational and entertainment uses of the device. The HoloLens could help you visualize an object that you plan to build or redecorate long before it is ready. With a stroke of the hand you can make the hologram look as the end prototype would and decide whether the results suit you before wasting you energy on actual work. The designers are already thankful to Microsoft for the HoloLens idea. The manufacturers said that the product is going to be priced at an affordable rate, as it is not only meant for corporate use but is rather planned to extend to a larger scale.

Studying the surface of Mars with the help of a HoloLens may look like something straight out of science fiction, but soon you will have the chance to take a step on a holographic Mars as well stated Ivan Ong. Beisdes that, the glasses would be a great means of communication at the office and would not doubt be good for keeping track of papers and business plans.

How Visual Search Technology is Changing the World
Apr 7th, 2015 by zuma

Intelligence can be a strange topic. As researchers work on artificial intelligence, they’ve learned a lot about the real thing. Many of the things which people consider to display intelligence have proven to be very simple matters for computers. Math, or even chess, can be easy for even the most primitive computers. While we’ve learned that things which seem quite simple for humans are actually quite complex. The prime example of this fact is image recognition. It’s proven surprisingly difficult to create software that can look at an object, and really understand what it is. Humans are able to easily recognize things they’re looking at. Computers have a far more difficult time of it.

The main catch is that when people look at something, there’s a tremendous amount of neurological processing going on in the background. Much, or even most of what goes on in the brain happens in the subconscious. People do a lot of thinking that they’re not even aware of. Vision is one of the most important of these tasks. In fact, there’s an entire area in the brain specifically devoted to processing visual data. Computers are powerful, but they’re still nowhere near the power of even a portion of the human brain. That said, there’s been some amazing progress recently within the field of image recognition. And in particular, specific companies have managed to make huge leaps beyond their competitors.

One of the best examples is a company called Slyce. They’re one of the top companies in the field, and have pioneered a technique known as the visual search. A visual search is quite similar to what one would expect from the name. A computer or smart phone is used to take a picture. The results are then processed, and can be used to search for something similar. Again, this is something that is easy for humans but quite difficult for machines. What Slyce has managed to do is create a full framework based on this type of image recognition. It not only powers an initial search, but can also be tied into commerce based sites or applications. For example, a company using their software can tie search results into their stores. It’s the fact that Slyce has made it easy to integrate visual searches into the real world which has really pushed the industry forward. The technology had been far more about theory than practice before they began to figure out new ways to apply it to the world.

It’s important to remember that visual search technology is highly flexible. The initial development of the technology might have been somewhat slow. But a big benefit of that pace was that other aspects of technology had time to grow. Now that visual search technology is fully robust, it can be tied into any number of different things. For example, one can use it within the context of social media. It’s often simple for modern visual search systems to identify products from within people’s personal photos. So it’s easy to buy an item that’s seen in one of their pictures without having to ask them to track down the details of their purchase.

Electric Vehicle Batteries Can Be Boosted By New Paper-like Material
Apr 4th, 2015 by zuma

An electric vehicle battery can be either an essential (e.g. metal-air) battery or an optional rechargeable battery utilized for drive of battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Footing batteries are utilized as a part of forklifts, electric Golf trucks, riding floor scrubbers, electric cruisers, full-estimate electric autos, trucks, and vans, and other electric vehicles. Brad Reifler knows that electric vehicle batteries vary from beginning, lighting, and ignition (SLI) batteries on the grounds that they are intended to give control over supported times of time. Profound cycle batteries are utilized rather than SLI batteries for these applications.

Specialists at the University of California, Riverside’s Bourns College of Engineering have built up a novel paper-like material for lithium-particle batteries. It can possibly help by a few times the particular vitality, or measure of vitality that can be conveyed every unit weight of the battery.

This paper-like material is made out of wipe like silicon nanofibers more than 100 times more slender than human hair. It could be utilized as a part of batteries for electric vehicles and individual gadgets.

The nanofibers were delivered utilizing a procedure known as electrospinning, whereby 20,000 to 40,000 volts are connected between a pivoting drum and a spout, which radiates an answer made essentially out of tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS), a concoction compound regularly utilized as a part of the semiconductor business. The nanofibers are then presented to magnesium vapor to create the wipe like silicon fiber structure.

More Than Words That Rhyme
Mar 19th, 2015 by zuma

Wining and dining. It’s so much more than just a pair of words that rhyme. Wining and dining is the perfect combination, the final touch on a evening out, and a wonderful way to relax.

Wining and dining is the art of a fine meal. If you have a date out on the town, and you grab dinner before hand then wining and dining is the way to go. It refers to enjoying a nice drink such as wine with dinner. A lot of times people refer to it when they are romantically pursing somebody. They say things such as “I’m going to wine and dine you.” Wining and dining is perfect for that anniversary, celebrating a promotion, or simply when enjoying the company of someone. There’s many ways to wine and dine.

Wining and dining is an art. There are certain foods that just simply taste better with certain wines. A good steak can be complimented perfectly with a glass of red wine. Wining and dining is more than just grabbing a drink and some food. There is some skill to it. Wine pairing is a skill that’s developed over time and to a distinguished pallet.

If you have a special event or occasion coming up, then look to the Antique Wine Company. They specialize and those rare and fine wines that are perfect no matter what the occasion. With wine from this merchant, you are sure to delight and thrill the wine drinker in your life. The wine is of the highest quality. This wine is available for sale to private merchants. Otherwise it is distributed to hotels, and restaurants. Therefore, if you are out wining and dining and you come across a bottle from the Antique Wine Company, then you know you are in good hands.

The Antique Wine Company is a company that is to be trusted for all of your wining and dining needs. They pride themselves on customer relations. Therefore, you always know you are in good hands. The CEO Stephen Williams takes good care of his wines, and his customers. He has the utmost care for this company, and you can really tell that when you taste these wines.

These wines are highly sought after. But, enjoying one of these rare vintage wines is worth it. So crack open that bottle for a special occasion, a celebration, or just an evening of wining and dining.

Elon Musk Says Self-Driving Cars Are the Future
Mar 19th, 2015 by zuma

Are self-driving cars our future? Tesla founder Elon Musk thinks so. During a conversation with NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, the car executive said that he thinks the future is in self-driving cars, and that it’s only a matter of time before we not only see a lot of self-driving cars on the road, but that it will actually be illegal for people to drive cars on their own.

His reasoning is actually pretty sound. Ricardo Guimaraes BMG ( has learned that, according to Musk, when you allow people to drive cars the margin of error is too big. Truth be told, driving your own car is a pretty dangerous proposition. Right now self-driving car aren’t exactly ready for prime time, but when they are, they could make a big difference in how safe it is to travel on the road.

That said, once the world is overrun with self-driving cars we’ll have to worry about things like cars having computer failures, making them unable to navigate effectively or avoid other vehicles on the road. Important to note: despite Musk’s bold clams, Tesla does not currently manufacturer any sort of self-driving or autonomous vehicle.

A Battery Breakthrough That Will Make Digital Devices and Electric Cars Much Better
Mar 17th, 2015 by zuma

Dyson, a company known for making vacuums, is getting into the battery production and marketing business thanks to a recent breakthrough made in battery technology. This technology uses a different approach in that it is all solid instead of the liquids that current lithium-ion batteries have in them to generate electricity. This new type of battery promises to be longer lasting over the life of the battery and cheaper to manufacture than current batteries. The biggest benefit for the end user is that they will also last twice as long between charges, which means smartphone and tablet users will have handled the most frustrating issue with their devices. This type of tech, however, is not limited to personal digital devices. It can also be used in cars to feasibly enable electric cars to drive 600 miles on a single charge.

Assuming the technology behind this new type of battery is workable, and that something better doesn’t come along to quickly kill it off before it gets off the ground, then this would be a sound investment said Brad Reifler about the technology. Battery life is the one thing holding back our unlimited enjoyment of our smartphones and tablets as well as the major barrier to the wide-spread acceptance of electric cars. Battery tech needs to catch up to computing tech, and any workable developments that effectively appear to do so will be welcomed on the marketplace and among Wall Street traders.
Princeton Researcher Aims to Provide 3D Map of Interior of Earth
Mar 16th, 2015 by zuma

There can be little doubt some of the most devastating natural disasters in history are centered on massive earthquakes. Predicting when and where one of the geological events will take place with accuracy has long escaped the understanding of even the most dedicated seismologists on the planet. However the development of some new technology and the drive and ambition of some intelligent individuals are teaming up to solve this problem once and for all.

According to, one scientist and his team at Princeton are beginning to measure and map seismic vibrations to map the interior of the Earth in 3D. The project will use the map to virtually live-stream vibrations in the crust of the planet to accurately project when and where massive earthquakes will occur and hopefully provide enough warning time to effectively evacuate the target area to prevent massive loss of life. Of course, the project is pretty massive in scope and could take a while to perfect.

Mapping the inside of a planet, even one as familiar as Earth, is a pretty substantial undertaking noted Brad Reifler. The project consists of studying data and interpreting it from thousands of monitoring stations across the globe, but could provide a number of interesting revelations regarding how the planet actually functions. Exactly what those benefits are remains to be seen, but the project could lead to an effective earthquake detection technology that could ultimately save a lot of lives.

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