ClassDojo Raises $21 Million To Connect Teachers And Parents
Sep 12th, 2016 by zuma

ClassDojo, a San Francisco-based startup, has just raised $21 million in venture capital to help it spread its education app to schools all across America. The ClassDojo app is a communication platform that allows parents and teachers to connect with each other in real time.

Creating community between parents, teachers and students is ClassDojo’s main goal. Currently, their app is being used by teachers in over 85,000 schools. This translates to the app being actively used in approximately 2 in 3 schools in the country.

This cash infusion is much needed as the company has yet to turn a profit. This is not a problem for the 25-employee company as their main focus is to get the app in use in even more schools. One of the thing Class Dojo will never do in order to make money is sell user information.

Since the app is mostly in use in grades K-8th grades, they take their user’s privacy very seriously. ClassDojo’s CTO Liam Don has stated that any time kids are involved, “privacy is a huge concern.” This should give both parents and teachers a sense of comfort.

Currently, teachers who use the app can create daily schedules that parents can monitor and use to help their children at home. Teachers can also use the app to snap photos of a student’s progress or important events.

The company does not plan to monetize the app for another year or two. They foresee that app being used by parents to buy custom yearbooks, lesson plans or discussion guides or even custom videos. It could also be used to allow parents to pay for school-based activities like field trips, supplies or even lunches.

Founded in 2011, ClassDojo has currently raised $31 million. This latest round of funding was lead by General Catalyst. ClassDojo has also received funding from the likes of GSV, Reach Capital, and SignalFire. While the education space has a lot of competition, ClassDojo has set themselves apart by focusing on building a community and empowering parents by connecting them to teachers. This type of collaboration will drive the growth of the app, the company believes.

Find out more about Wengie:

Protection For Your Lips
Sep 7th, 2016 by zuma

Most of us go to great links to protect the exposed areas of our body from the sun’s harmful rays when we are outdoors. We use a variety of skin care products to repair and protect our skin. Sunscreen, hand, and body lotions are used by almost everyone. Your lips are one of the most exposed skin areas of your body. Your lips are exposed to sun, wind and cold along with a constant wetting and drying cycle yet our lips are often not protected.
Because our lips do not have oil glands to replenish lost oil they need extra protection. Lips that are not protected can dry out quickly, causing chapped lips and in extreme cases burned lips. Most of us think of using lip balm when we know we are going to be in hot/dry windy conditions but it is equally important to protect your lips in the cold winter months.

Lips are very easy to protect. Using a good lip balm when needed will protect your lips from the harsh elements mentioned above. But not just any lip balm will offer you the protection you need. All lip balms are not the same, in fact, lip balms that use petroleum products in any way are not recommended.

When choosing a lip balm avoid any product that contains petroleum and paraben. Evolution of Smooth is a lip balm that is 100% paraben and petroleum free. Instead of harmful petroleum products EOS is loaded with vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter to create a natural lip balm. EOS lip balms are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. These products are available on Walmart.

Besides using natural ingredients EOS lip balm ( is packaged in an easy to open and use round sphere that will easily fit in your pocket or purse. Protect your lips with EOS and your lips will stay soft, smooth and beautiful. For more info, visit EOS’ Linked In profile.


Lovaganza will show you the world and more
Sep 5th, 2016 by zuma

Want to see the world but can’t travel? Lovaganza is your ticket to not only see the world but enjoy and experience the culture. Lovagaza lets you watch tradition celebrations, art, dance and revel in the diverse peoples of the world. The Lovaganza Festival will be streaming live into anyone’s living room, bedroom or den. You can sit back and visit areas of the world where few people can venture or afford.

The Lovaganza Convoy is going to release a film called “Follow Your Sunshine” set in the 1950’s in a town called Frigiliana, Spain. This is a very spectacular movie but it has brought a lot of interest to the surroundings and culture of this out of the way village.

The town is a quaint local and very unique place known for it’s beauty and culture. The town itself has only 500 people and is located in the Malaga southern part of Spain. The unique village consist of white washed and red tiled buildings in the hills, surrounded by the beautiful blue ocean and sky. The abundance of local restaurants serving home-made Tapas under colorful umbrellas make the visitors relax and enjoy the world around them. Frigiliana has many historical site such as the the Casa Solariega de los Condes, built in the 1500’s and was not only a private home but is also the original sugar mill plantation. In August, Frigiliana has its largest celebration called “3 Cultures Festival” where not only do the local people but everyone is invited to participate. Lovaganza will be filming this spectacular event live in the form of Motiongrahy by Justine Cone. This type of photography will give the viewer a sense of being there and enjoying the complete surroundings of the location.

Lovaganza is a worldwide event built upon the ideas of Unity, Peace & Abundance. A celebration of the world of tomorrow and a future filled with hope.

These are the type of adventures, experience and knowledge that Lovaganza on Design Ideas will bring to you and your family. Without leaving your home. There is a big world out there and the more we can learn about different cultures, arts and people of the world, the more we will realize how very alike we really are.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

How To Fix Your Brand’s Reputation
Aug 24th, 2016 by zuma

Developing your brand’s reputation is a process that can take years. However, all it takes is one or two negative news stories or social media posts to do severe damage to it. Fortunately you can visit Reputation Management Fixers or other reputation repair companies to undo the damage and help rebuild the reputation of your brand. Still, in order to get the best results you must take action quickly and be sure to choose the right reputation repair company. One with the well-trained, experienced staff and the technological savvy to suppress negative search results and re-establish your company’s reputation.

What To Look For In Reputation Management Company

Picking the right online presence management company is vital. Your company’s reputation can make the difference between success and failure. You need a company that can help prevent or quickly recover from a public relations disaster, protect your brand and help to promote it. The company must also be able to quickly improve your brands online presence, add to its value and contribute to its longevity. They must be well-versed in search engine optimization, content development and management, social media management and third-party website monitoring in order to successfully manage the reputation of your brand.

What They Do

Successful reputation management companies provide three very important functions for business or personal brands. They can provide positive exposure for both new and established brands using proactive, detailed, innovative strategies. They can also help to protect brands from attacks and potentially negatively situations. A good reputation management company can also quickly restore the reputation of your brand no matter what kind of damage has been done to it. The ability to use positive information to quickly build or restore a brand’s good reputation is the key to telling  good online reputation management companies from an ineffective one.

Whether you need help with building the reputation of your brand or restoring it, an experienced reputation management company can help. They can tailor a strategy to meet the specific needs of your brand. By simply visiting Reputation Management Fixers or contacting any other reputable reputation repair company your can save your brand.

Clay Siegall Gets Added to the Board
Aug 19th, 2016 by zuma

Back in January of 2013 Mirna Therapeutics announced the new appointment of Clay Siegall, Ph.D. to their Board of Directors. According to Dr. Paul Lammers, the President, and Chief Executive Office of Mirna, the Mirna company is very excited to have had Siegall to their distinguished group of directors. With his broad pharmaceutical industry experience, as well as his successful oncology company Clay will make an invaluable addition to the board. It is widely thought that Clay will help Mirna be able to make further advancements in the development of their microRNA therapeutics.

Clay Siegall attended the University of Maryland and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology. He then later went on to his Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics from George Washington University.

In 1998, he co-founded Seattle Genetics and still functions as the company’s President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Clay was able to build his company to be a great foundation of scientific innovation, while providing great research, and is able to participate in many drug development practices.

Mirna Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that has been focusing on the development and commercialization of microRNA therapies since 2007. These therapies are a new and still exciting area of cancer research. The company is located in Austin, Texas and has received the majority of its funding from private investors and has even received some funding from the State of Texas.

MicroRNAs, also known as miRNAs, are made up of 20 to 25 nucleotides and affect gene expression by communicating with messenger RNA. miRNAs are a part of the human genome and are used as natural regulators of gene expression. There are more than 1,400 miRNAs in the human genome and they are each able to regulate the expression of tens to hundreds different genes. This means that they are able to regulate and coordinate many cellular pathways and processes. With so much power, miRNAs are able to guide proper embryonic development, inflammation, immunity, and cell growth. Misregulations that sometimes take place, plays a role in the growth and dissemination of many types of cancers.


How Andy Wirth Has Changed the Hotel and Resort Ski Industry
Aug 18th, 2016 by zuma

Andy Wirth can be described as one of the forces that have led to the transformation of the hotel and ski industry. His contribution at Squaw Valley and other major corporations cannot be overlooked. He has transformed the way these businesses operate and has introduced new strategies that have assisted in marketing and securing new opportunities for the companies he has worked with.

Due to his achievements and prowess, the the Reno-Tahoe Air Service Corporation decided to hand over the position of the Chairmanship and Presidency of the corporation to him. His management style is one of the things that have inspired such decisions and he is optimistic he will achieve even better results as his career proceeds further ahead.

Education and life

For the most part of his childhood, Andy Wirth spent time in Neubrucke, West Germany, where he was also born in 1963. His journey in education includes a degree in Bachelor of Science acquired from the Edinburgh University and Colorado University. While pursuing his university education, he joined the Rocky Mountains Parks to practice as a backcountry ranger.

How Andy Wirth as CEO has impacted Squaw Valley

One of the biggest achievements Andy Wirth made is joining Squaw Valley as their CEO in 2010. This would mark a new era because the ski resort had been running under the leadership of the Cushing family. He was the first person outside the family to lead the company, and his presence is an achievement on the part of the company since he has come along with tremendous transformation.

Under his leadership, the company upgraded many areas. The whole transformation process cost $70 and was an essential addition that improved the standards of the ski resort to march with major competing companies in the skiing industry. Some of the areas that received touches for improvement include the addition of modern entertainment facilities, face-lifting the entire ski resort, culinary areas and lodging facilities. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

With these upgrades, Squaw Valley ski resort moved from an ordinary resort to an international destination that could compete well. This helped to move the company to rank in the list of the first 20 percent in the industry.

Community service

Andy Wirth also supports philanthropic foundations. He sends contributions to the Tahoe Fund “Founders Circle” and has been an active supporter of community service and environmental organizations. He has also chaired several community organizations including Steamboat Springs Sports Club.

Have Your Say at One of the Best California Ski Resorts While at Lake Tahoe
Aug 17th, 2016 by zuma

Nestled in between the border of California and Nevada, West of Carson City, Lake Tahoe is the largest freshwater body in North America. A part from being the second deepest lake after Crater Lake in the United States, it is also the sixth largest lake by volume after the five Great Lakes. Being part of Lake Tahoe Basin makes it one of the major tourist attractions not only in Nevada and California but also in the whole of the United States. It is also home to quite a number of ski resorts, summer outdoor recreation, and various tourist attractions. With snow and skiing playing a significant role in the area’s reputation and economy, there are quite a number of ski resorts to visit while in the area.

For a taste of Heaven while at Skiing in Lake Tahoe, it would be quite a shame if one does not get to visit the Heavenly Mountain Resort. Situated on Lake Tahoe’s southern shore, the resort offers a picturesque heavenly beauty and a massive network of terrain, lifts, trails and snowmaking. A part from being the largest ski area in the region, Heavenly Ski Resort also features the longest vertical drop and the highest elevation. On top of this, while you revel in the area’s sporting activities you get a magnificent view of Lake Tahoe and Sierra Nevada mountain range. After a day on the slopes at Heavenly, there are a variety of forms of entertainment and nightlife, as the resort sits on the border of Nevada and California.

Formerly referred to as Northstar-at-Tahoe, the Northstar California Ski Resort can be found on Lake Tahoe’s North Shore. Covering over 3,000 square acres of skiable terrain, the resort is well known for its conservative aura while offering high-end luxury accommodations, dinning and shopping. The resort is impeccably groomed and offers a variety of terrain options that are suited for any ability level. Olympian Shaun White designed the world-class terrain parks and 22-foot super pipe found within the resort.

Found in between Truckee and Tahoe City, Alpine Meadows Resort is quite the scenic playground for families and on-the low thrill seekers alike. For Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, skiing and riding experience is always a priority as the resort offers chalet-style lodges and an approachable hospitality. The resort also provides a variety of setting for all skiing enthusiasts of different levels of skiing and snowboarding.

Only a fifteen-minute shuttle rides away from Alpine Meadows is the legendary Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Over the years, the famous ski resort has maintained a vibrant culture of skiing and a mountain energy that spans from the village to the peak. While the great sport of skiing draws its inspiration from the curves of the slopes Sierra Mountain, skiers have a chance at the scenic view of the translucent waters of Lake Tahoe. Squaw Valley Ski Resort is favored by the consistent snowfall that stays around till the spring, making it possible to host one of the longest snowboard and ski season in the United Sates.

Online Reputation Management For The Hotel Industry
Aug 13th, 2016 by zuma

Before I get to the topic of online reputation management for the hotel industry, I want to discuss what online reputation management is briefly. It is the management of one’s image on the web, it is a strategy on how to brand yourself. Given the vast expanse of the web and the numerous platforms on it, this can be a vague statement. Online reputation management encompasses but is not limited to reviews, feedback, comments, discussions, media coverage on the web and personal websites and blogs on a company or firm.
Now shifting gear back to online reputation management specifically for the hotel industry, online reputation management is important for hotels for a number of reasons. One of the standout reasons is that a hotel’s online reputation is directly tied to the number of bookings it receives. In other words, the reputation of the hotel will directly impact the profits of the establishment.

As you may have guessed, positive reviews will help bring in more business to an inn. Negative reviews will make it far less likely that someone will stay at a hotel. Positive reviews offers what is coined to be “social proof” of a hotel’s positive image and the experiences it offers to customers.

Take a look at some figures that show that online reputations do matter for hotels. Here are just a few examples. One study found that 65% of people use the internet to find out information about hotels and tourist sites for vacations. Furthermore, this is before people actually know the date of their vacation travel. Another study found that when a date has been set for a vacation, almost 75% use the internet as some point to plan their vacations. Another figures is that 38% of respondents to a survey said that numerous positive reviews make it much more likely that they would stay at an independently owned hotel.

The task of managing online reputations has been easier with the advent of software programs. This includes programs that can scan the net for reviews about a certain hotel. Other programs can pull out only negative or positive reviews so that you can respond to negative reviews first and then the positive ones.


Analyzing the Career Path of Malini Saba
Aug 3rd, 2016 by zuma

Malini Saba is someone that a lot of women admire. She is a self-motivator for sure. She has become one of the most influential people of this generation for all the women that are looking for someone to pattern themselves after. Her ability to maintain her career and take care of her family is something that has inspired a lot of women to go further and do more in their own careers. I am often inspired by the work that I see her doing. She was someone that did not waste a lot of time trying to ask what needed to be done. Malini didn’t wait for the hand out. She simply gained ground by moving beyond the expectations that were placed upon women.

The fact that she has been able to start her own non-profit organization speaks volumes about her skills. It also gives a small glimpse into her passion about helping other women that are in need. There are women around the world that have a need. So many women are struggling to do the most basic things like providing shelter and food for their families. This is why Malini Saba is such an important piece of the puzzle for at risk women across the globe. She is coming to their rescue with donations and help from others during the times that women need help the most.

Malini Saba has donated money and scholarships over the years. Through her organization there have also been things like tents and blankets that have been donated to the NYC homeless shelters. To me this is a huge thing that shows just how much Saba cares. I have been privileged to learn about Saba and her goodwill towards mankind. I think that anyone that is interested in improving their own lives should look at what Malini Saba has done with her own life. She has gained a lot in her positions of power for this organization, but she has never gotten about the needs of others.

I think that her Stree foundation is something that should receive a lot more exposure. It is such a good concept. To connect with people on a global scale is a hard thing to do, but she has managed to do this so well with her organization. She is reaching women in Africa, India and Asia. Women should be proud of the work Saba is doing.

How to Deal With a Bad Online Reputation
Jul 28th, 2016 by zuma


Having a bad online reputation for a company can destroy a company’s overall reputation and presence as a business. A bad reputation is exactly what United Airlines suffered from. David Caroll was a musician who boarded a United Airlines flight. He saw his guitar being carelessly handled. When Caroll tried to reach out to the airline to address the issue, he was unable to receive any sort of communication. Caroll then made a song called ‘United Breaks Guitars’ and uploaded it to YouTube, where it received more than 15 million views. Shortly after this video came to the surface, United Airlines stock fell by 10%. This created a bad reputation for United Airlines and soon cost them $80 million. This amount could easily bankrupt other smaller companies.

Having a bad online reputation can bankrupt and destroy a company. Bad reviews have a huge impact on a businesses revenue. Knowing how to impact your customers in a positive way is a good resource for any company to have. Knowing where the problem is coming from is important to know so that a company can fix bad online reputation. Knowing that your customers are satisfied and happy with their service will prevent bad reviews. Interacting with your employees can have a huge impact on it as well. Happy employees will strive to make their company better while also being trustworthy and honest.

Having a bad reputation or negative online presence will hurt a company aggressively. Knowing where to turn for online reputation management when things take a turn for the worst can be very beneficial to a company surviving. A company that can help during a time of bad reputation is The Search Fixers fix bad reviews associated with your company’s name.

The Search Fixers put your name in a positive light when they fix bad search results on the first page of Google. Instead of seeing those dreaded bad reviews, customers will now see everything positive and good that your company has to offer. With your company being in a more positive light, revenue will increase as well as customer satisfaction, placing your company back where it belongs.

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