5G Connection to Debut at 2018 Winter Olympics
Jun 23rd, 2015 by zuma

Technological accomplishments get celebrated all the time. The industry is constantly changing and evolving, and sometimes it movies at a pace that is difficult to keep up with. While many tech industry breakthroughs are thought to belong to the United States, one very big development will be making a high profile debut at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

According to PR Newswire,  KT Corp will be debuting the world’s first 5G wireless network connection capable of giving users access to data speeds of around 20 GBps. The breakthrough in South Korea should draw plenty of jaw dropping results from folks able to download entire movies in about ten seconds. With so much focus in the United States on 4G connection speeds, there has been little discussion from any of the major providers about upgrading the existing network let alone an actual debut of the technology.

The 5G revolution is still a few years away, but consumers will eventually receive blazing fast internet connections wirelessly, which could spell trouble for traditional wired connections. With network performance set to increase dramatically over the course of the transition, the actual cost of any type of 5G network on a traditional data plan also needs to be worked out. After all, companies are not going to simply give customers access to all that data and speed without having them subsidize the price in some way. Still, a lot of eyes will be on the technology in 2018.

Satellites may Deliver High-Speed Internet from Space
Jun 18th, 2015 by zuma

Companies to Sell Service from Space
There is currently a competition that has the goal to provide everyone on this planet with broadband internet access. This is space internet start-up that is backed by Virgin Galactic billionaire Richard, Branson. The planned date is 2018 to begin swathing the Earth with these internet signals. These space internet companies have promised to provide much higher speeds. They will accomplish this by using smaller satellites that are actually closer to earth. It is unknown how these space internet companies are going to deal with the international regulations and the cost of insurance. Their broad plan has thousands of microsatellites that work together in a network. There are 1,3000 satellites that are active currently in orbit at this time says Amen clinics Founder, Dr daniel amen. This is according to Dave Baiocchi, a satellite expert of RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California. There is much room for satellite constellations in space. The proposed broadband satellite constellations appear rather ambitious.

Water Computers Are Here
Jun 10th, 2015 by zuma

After a decade of struggle the newest style of computer is up and running, the droplet computer. Theoretically the droplet computer can perform any operation that a conventional electronic computer can stated Claudio Loureiro Heads. Think of it, a computer that is able to simultaneously process data and physical material. Now with the rotating magnetic clock the water based computer is possible. Even with conventional computing a clock is required to synchronize all operations. “We already have digital computers to process information. Our goal is not to compete with electronic computers or to operate word processors on this,” Prakash said. “Our goal is to build a completely new class of computers that can precisely control and manipulate physical matter. Imagine if when you run a set of computations that not only information is processed but physical matter is algorithmically manipulated as well. We have just made this possible at the mesoscale.” The struggle was to develop a clock that could not only manipulate one, but multiple droplets of water at the same time, and ten years later, the rotating magnetic field was used. The most obvious application for the water computer is in testing separate chemicals. The chemicals can each be put in a separate water droplet then processed as though it were its own test-tube. The possibilities for the droplet computer are limitless.

The Inspiring Life of Entrepreneur Marc Sparks
Jun 1st, 2015 by zuma

For someone that begin his early year of schooling as s C student, Marc Sparks has become one of the most of the successful entrepreneurs of this time period. He has managed to inspire others, and I am one of the people that have found inspiration through all of his success in telecommunications and venture capitalist endeavors.

What Marc Sparks represents is a strong leader that perseveres. He has actually had a firm hand in more than 60 businesses in his lifetime. This provided Sparks with a lot of opportunities to fail and succeed in many different types of businesses. Sparks has used this to motivate a lot of his employees. People at businesses like Blue Jay Wireless wanted to work under his leadership because he had a track record of success. He would also be able to help Splash Media workers obtain a vision for success with his diligent work ethic. Sparks would use his skills in business to move beyond telecommunications though.

He never believed in staying stagnant, and this is what I like the most about his business leader skills. Marc has shown that he has the ability to take risks. Taking risks is impressive in a leadership role, but making risks pay off is even more impressive. That is what Marc Sparks has been able to do. He transitioned from telecommunications to real estate. This is a totally different business from anything that he was doing with wireless and phones. This would not stop him from learning and thriving in this business though. He would also go on to invest in auto insurance companies and a plethora of other business solutions that he managed to capitalize on.

Everything that he touched didn’t turn into gold, but Sparks continued to research  and gain knowledge. To me, this is the most powerful thing in all of his business ventures as a venture capitalist. He learned lessons and is currently working on a book in which he shares the ups and downs of the business world. He truly believes that anyone can become success in business, and his book lays a road map for skills that entrepreneurs need to obtain success.

It doesn’t matter what the business is. Marc Sparks has been willing to throw his hat in the ring if he believed that there was not some opportunity to reap rewards from this. This attitude makes his life inspiring to many people.

More on Marc Sparks:

Marc Sparks, author of “They Can’t Eat You”         Tweet- @msparks5010


Set Sail for Freedom
Jun 1st, 2015 by zuma

It isn’t uncommon for people who face racial or religious persecution to flee their country of origin. Even though these occurrences happen in very rare and gut wrenching situations, it doesn’t mean that they don’t happen in large numbers. Muslim citizens from Myanmar have fled by the thousands to neighboring countries Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. These immigrants have faced relentless persecution by the hand of their government and citizens. They fled by the thousands on boats and boat like devices, to neighboring countries looking for refuge. Even though their circumstances are a travesty, these countries could not allow thousands of immigrants into their countries without provisions. With added pressure from countries around the world, including the US, the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, released a statement on Thursday that insisted that the Malaysian Navy was sent to rescue thousands of the migrants. United States Deputy Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkin, traveled to Myanmar on Thursday and sat with the Foreign Minister, Parliamentary speaker, Military Commander, and even the President. He noted that mass migration is a problem, but the risk of the loss of life was too great.


The Malaysian government could not allow thousands of people to perish on their territory. These migrants don’t just include Muslims. Bangladeshi citizens are also fleeing their homes that are riddled with persecution and poverty. It has not yet been released what the government will do with these immigrants. They did note however, that they will rescue the citizens, tend to the sick, and feed the thousands that are suffering with starvation, and that makes Jaime Garcia Dias happy. They realize that these people are running from racially and religiously motivated acts of violence and discrimination, but their hand of kindness can only be extended so far. They are calling on other members of the United Nations to weigh in on the debate of what to do with the migrants. One concept that everyone can agree on, is that they will not send these damaged people back to countries that are endangering them.

Let the Summer Box Office Race Begin
Jun 1st, 2015 by zuma

The Summer Box office blockbusters started early. “Furious 7″ made a billion dollars. This was in the spring. It may be sad to say it, but the summer blockbusters are already looking dismal. “Furious 7″ will be the highest grossing film this year. Right now people have “San Andreas” and “Aloha” to choose from for the beginning of summer.

“San Andreas” may have been a great movie to see if it wasn’t for so many natural disasters that have plagued the United States this week. The flooding in Houston isn’t going to make anyone that has been effected want to see a natural disaster movie. That just isn’t going to be a winner on the west coast right now. The “Aloha” movie has lots of big stars but hasn’t proven to be all that interesting from the previews that are available.

This puts a lot of people in a bit of a dilemma, including some at Beneful, as seen here. Both of these films are PG-13, but “San Andreas” is the only one with blockbuster potential. He has lots of cool special effects, but comes at a bad time. The other movies like “Pitch Perfect 2″ may actually prove to be more favorable with crowds. This sleeper hit has already grossed over $60 million. There is even talk about a third installment of this movie. The profits are huge because it didn’t cost a lot to make a film like this.

I’m An Adult That Loves Using Skout
May 22nd, 2015 by zuma

I feel like a bit of a hypocrite, but I’m a responsible adult. I’ve told my children to never chat on social media networks, but I chat on social media every day. I’m a single mother, and I have two kids that are growing up quickly. I have one teenager, and my other child is a pre-teen. I caught my kids chatting online, and I asked them not to do it again. I was wondering what the fascination was about chatting online. I came across the Skout network while doing an online search. I was fascinated after reading about the network.

I have my own laptop, so I decided to join Skout. I also downloaded Skout app for my cell phone. I found myself using the application more than going to the website. What I love about using my cell phone is the fact that I can use “shake to chat.” The shake to chat feature is so much fun. If I shake my phone, I’ll get to meet a brand-new person. Anyone using the shake to chat feature can find others who are using the same feature. Skout is so much fun, and I use it several hours a day.

My daughter came in the room one day, and she caught me chatting on Skout. She had the nerve to tell me that I was a hypocrite for restricting her chats but not my own. I rushed her out of the room, and I explained to her that I was the adult, and I can do whatever I want. I felt bad that I couldn’t explain my love for Skout to my daughter, but I don’t have to explain anything to her! I continue using Skout every day, and I absolutely love it. I’ve even found new friends while using Skout (

Some of the friends that I’ve found on Skout, they’ve suggested that I start using Skout to find love. After my nasty divorce, I’m not ready to look for love again. Right now, I’m just enjoying the time I have on the Skout network. If I’m at work I’ll use Skout. As long as I have some free time, Skout is always in the back of my mind. I’ll easily have 10 different chats a day on Skout, during my free time. I’ve been able to learn new things and meet new people. I would recommend anyone to use the Skout network.

Tesla Gets Green Light to Sell Direct to Consumers
May 20th, 2015 by zuma

Of all the life experiences that individuals encounter over the course of a traditional life, purchasing a car has remained relatively unchanged over the past several decades. Buyers travel to car dealerships to complete the purchase of new vehicles. While the used car buying process can be extremely different, the new car process has been pretty reliable. However, one manufacturer just received authorization to skip the dealership.

According to, Tesla recently won approval from the governor’s office of Maryland to sell electric cars directly to consumers confirms Paul Mathieson. The process has been outlawed as the FTC has prevented car makers from dealing directly with consumers. Tesla feels that it can better serve buyers by providing firsthand knowledge of their vehicles, but the move is sure to raise a few eyebrows from competitors that rely on third party vendors to move their vehicles. Official Tesla outlets could start to draw interested buyers away from traditional dealerships.

Tesla is definitely a name in the electric car industry, but so far has had limited impact on the big makers, like Ford and GM. Whether or not selling cars directly to buyers will benefit Tesla in the long run remains to be seen, but industry watchers will be keeping tabs on the move to see if the other manufacturers try to jump in on the trend as well. It seems like car buying, for new ones at least, could be finally experiencing a shift.

Empathetic Rats
May 13th, 2015 by zuma

People often think of rats as dirty pests that they want exterminated. A new study has revealed that they are even more intelligent and caring then previously thought. A test was done with several rats. One rat was put in a transparent glass section next to another rat who was stuck in water. The dry rat could open a door when it saw the other rat was in distress. Almost every time, the rat was willing to help the others. They switched the scenarios for the rats where the one in water in the dry section, and the one in the dry section was moved to the water.
Once a rat had been in the water, he remembered how it felt and hurried to help the rat in distress much faster than a rat who hadn’t been in the water. The studies proves their empathy for one another and emotional intelligence. Jason Halpern was a little shocked to see this intelligence.
Windows 10 Will Be The Last Version Of Windows
May 13th, 2015 by zuma

Jerry Nixon, Microsoft developer evangelist, was heard saying that windows 10 is the last version of windows. This statement is either meaningful or not, depending on how you chose to look at the whole issue.

On one hand, the statement is meaningful since future updates of the operating system will be made progressively as they arrive. It will not require any major update that will necessitate rebooting the computer. In simple terms, the brand name windows 10 will be retained.

On the other hand, the statement could mean nothing really. The branding that Microsoft has been using is just but a label. It is not based on any real truths. You can see this by simply looking at the company’s history of brand naming.

The name might suggest a relationship between successive versions but it really has nothing to do with the software’s properties. The brand name is just chosen by the marketing team. It is just a means of making the brand known according to Bernardo Chua.

Microsoft decision to retain windows 10 is aimed at maintaining everyone on a uniform platform. It will also end the bad attitude among conservatives that are forced to take up updates.

It will not be a surprise in the future, if Microsoft decides to come up with another brand. If windows 10 image is tainted for example, it will have to be dropped just like what happened with windows Vista.

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