The success of Dan Newlin, a Florida-based injury attorney
Aug 31st, 2015 by zuma

Dan Newlin is a Florida-based injury attorney and the head of Dan Newlin & Partners law firm. He started his career aged 20 years old serving as a law enforcement officer. He was employed by the New Chicago, Indiana Fire and Police Department but later moved to Orland Florida to work as the Orange County Sherriff’s office. He worked there for a decade and displayed exemplary performance. Due to his dedication, hard work, and integrity, he was promoted to become a Sherriff’s Detective. He received several awards while working as a detective and later recognized by the US Marshalls Office.

The journey for success started in 1997 when Dan Newlin joined Florida State College to study law. Upon his graduation in 2002 and having garnered experience in law enforcement, Mr. Newlin chose to specialize in tort law focusing on personal injury. He had a vision of helping injured individuals get the justice that they deserve, and wrongdoers held responsible for their actions.

His law firm, Dan Newlin & Partners, employs over 100 employees comprising of former state prosecutors, experienced attorneys, certified surgeons, support staff and other employees. The firm has been receiving several positive reviews from clients who it has served. Over the years that Dan Newlin has been in practice, he has won over $150 million worth of compensation to injury victims. Check out this article on Findlaw.

Dan Newlin is always passionate on the services that his law firm provides. He has utilized the social media to inform his past and future clients on the services that they provide. For example, he started a famous Twitter hashtag, #DAN that victims of accidents and injuries can call to get services. In fact, he has acquired several years of experience in representing thousands of clients. He has also managed to build a name for his law firm and himself as a respected and famous personal injury lawyer.

Dan Newlin’s success has also allowed him to give back to the society. Throughout his career, he has used a good portion of his wealth to help the communities. He has several community-based programs in his name that are designed to help individuals, especially children with medical problems. For example, his Miracle Project has helped many people. The project has received recognition from top-tier organizations and celebrities.
If you have injuries physical or psychological caused by a company, government or person, Dan Newlin is the law to conduct. He is all over the internet and can be contacted through Twitter, Facebook, or through email or phone number on his law firm’s official website.

Lionel Messi Lambasted by the Human Rights Foundation
Aug 27th, 2015 by zuma

Lionel Messi, a serial winner of the world’s football player of the year awards was castigated by the Human Rights Foundation for displaying enthusiastic support for “dictatorship” during his trip to Libreville, Gabon in July 2015. The Barcelona FC forward visited the country which is set to host the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations and was welcomed by Gabon President, Ali Bongo who personally drove him around the capital city, Libreville. I read these sentiments in the HRF’s website in an article dated 31st July 2015.

The HRF president, Thor Halvorssen, remarked on the HRF’s website that Messi’s visit was providing PR services to Bongo’s family and hence the superstar had seriously tainted the credibility of his charitable foundation. He continued to say that whereas he claims to supports the children’s rights as well as of being an UNICEF ambassador to support youth education, he exhibited the contrary. This was because he was apparently endorsing a kleptocratic system that refuses to probe the ritual killings of children in the country. The HRF honcho noted that Messi’s tour was part of the Bongo’s PR strategy to promote the forthcoming 2017 Africa Cup of Nations. The event is alleged to be hosted by Gabon at enormous budget regardless of the fact that the President’s family embezzlement has made 20 % of Gabon’s population to survive on less than $2 daily. The Argentina forward laid the first stone in the construction of Port-Gentil stadium that is being built to host the African football events. He was also reported to have visited one of Bongo’s restaurants in the city. Reports has also emerged that the football wizard was paid a fortune for the trip but he has since denied it. The foundation suggested that if Messi wished Gabon well, he should not have partied with the “oppressors”. Instead, he should have released a personal statement expressing his solidarity with Gabon’s persecuted environmentalists and dissidents or presure the government to investigate the ritual killings of innocent children. The Barcelona ace had been earlier criticized by Gabon’s political opposition for wearing tattered shorts and a T-shirt during the controversial visit.

The Human Rights Foundation is a non-profit making organization which promotes and protects human rights all over the world with a focus on the closed societies. The HRF is the major organizer of the Oslo Freedom Forum. The Foundation was founded in the year 2005 by Venezuelan Thor Halvorssen Mendoza. Mendoza was a film producer who also doubled up as a human rights activist. The Foundation’s headquarters are in New York City, US. It focuses its work on the founding principles of the human rights movement. The principles are purely anchored in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 1976.

Sieze the Day the Susan McGalla Way
Aug 24th, 2015 by zuma

Keeping up with the Jones’s in today’s marketing and business scenarios can be a road to frustration – especially for intelligent females who want to be recognized as true professional business women without all of the gender-related guff. After all, what business woman really wants to keep up with the Jones’s anyway? Autonomy, efficiency and confidence provide a better recipe.

Take a gander at one very inspirational business woman who gets it. From a young age, Susan McGalla perhaps unsuspectingly, began her lifelong journey into the world of business. She didn’t start largely. She wasn’t born with a silver spoon. She was brought into this world with a (family) dynamic of love and courage. Two brothers and a football coach for a father, with parents who understood what it meant to be true-to-self and others, gave Susan her drive and desire to man-up in life alongside her God-given stature of femininity. For Susan, there was no gender issue when it came to being her best.

McGalla, originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, received her BA from Mount Union College. From there she confidently embarked into the working world of the Joseph Horne Company department stores. It wasn’t long before McGalla fearlessly found herself walking-the-walk into a popular, male-inspired company called Eagle Outfitters, Inc. What could a woman have to offer in such an environment? Change. Growth. Success.

Focusing on hard work while almost subliminally, yet substantially encouraging cultural acceptance meant the business world and the world as a whole was changing right before our eyes. McGalla smartly trekked up the corporate ladder becoming president and chief merchandising officer donning four brands, the P&L, an e-commerce website and a $3B revenue count to boot. While choosing not to impress the business world with dominance or feminine charm, McGalla had at least one clever personal rule: never be the last one to show up at the morning business meeting.

As a speaker, consultant and founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, McGalla marches ever-forward spreading the good news of unspoken equality by way of savvy attitude, composure and a deeply rooted understanding of being a team player. Talent management, branding and operational potency are only the tip of the business woman’s dynamic iceberg of information on getting ahead, regardless of gender.

Perhaps the best part to McGalla’s story is her lack of concern to prove to the world that women are some kind of minority or majority. Susan’s legacy comes from the heart. She shows us what being a grounded example of basic hard work and perseverance can do for us all.

Business men and women everywhere have equal opportunities to bring their best gifts to the table. Each certainly has good cause to emulate the pioneering footsteps of Susan McGalla. If there was ever a time to fly the American flag, it would be now. Susan McGalla, we salute you. She is not only a truly an exemplary business woman. She is an icon of what this great country of America proudly stands for.

How Visual Effects can Date a Film
Aug 21st, 2015 by zuma

As Yahoo Finance writes, let’s face it, a lot of the films we loved when they first came out, now tend to have a “dated” look about them. The visual effects at the time were amazing, or at least passable. Now, when we look at the films compared to the current films out now, the effects just don’t look believable anymore depending on the film. There are some films that hold up pretty well with the films being released 20 something years later. With each era of film making, the craft and the technology of CGI and other methods of visual effects are developing.

One common thing that can cause visual effects to date a film is if it is gimmicky. Many films that try to use visual effects strictly for the “wow” factor tend to have it forgotten just a year later due to other films that do the same thing but with more developed effects. The better focus is on minimizing the use of visual effects with the sole purpose of moving the story forward. Visual effects artists and teams like John Textor shows on his Bloomberg profile and his team Pulse Evolution Corporation have come to understand that with visual effects, less is typically more.

Films where the CGI is “in your face” tend to be forgotten very quickly. They also age a lot faster than other films. There are films that are made today that look not as good as some films that were made more than 30 years ago due to the craft that went into the film. When it comes to CGI and other visual effects methods, a lot of time is needed so that the shot can be perfected for the audience. If the audience generally checks out during the film, then this often result sin the film being turned off and often not looked back on.

Internet, Cell Phone, And Wi-Fi Are A Few Of FreedomPop’s Mobile Wireless Services
Aug 13th, 2015 by zuma

After recently losing some of my pay from my job, I had to cut back on a lot of expenses in my home. I cut off my Internet, I had to cancel my cell phone plan, and I would keep most of my electronics off in my house. I was starting to lose almost $500 a month on my paycheck, and I was down to the bare bones of necessities. I even ended up having to cut off all the things that I used to enjoy, but I still didn’t qualify for government help. I was very disappointed in the fact that I could make $1200 a month, and pay my own bills, but I still didn’t qualify to get any help.

I was determined to do this on my own, so I started to look into new ways that I could still get some type of Internet service in my home as well as cell phone service. I wasn’t certain what I was going to do, but I heard about a plan that I might be able to get that was free of charge, but it didn’t require being on a government program. The cell phone plan I heard of is from FreedomPop, and I decided to find out more information about it. I didn’t have Internet at home anymore, so I had to go on the road in order to find Wi-Fi service to go on the Internet, then I could check out what services FreedomPop offered.

I had to go to a public location that had Wi-Fi, but I was able to use my tablet to search the Internet and look up FreedomPop. It turns out that FreedomPop has cell phone services that are free of charge as well as in-home Internet service that I can get for free too. I was excited to know that I could possibly have some of the same services in my home, which I had before I lost pay at work. I went ahead and signed up for the FreedomPop services. I signed up for the cell phone service, which is completely free of charge, and I signed up to have Internet services in my home. I also decided to sign up for the FreedomPop Wi-Fi application because I had planned on connecting my cell phone to Wi-Fi when I leave my home.

Since my recent carrier was Sprint, all I had to do was transfer my service over to FreedomPop, which was very easy to do. I was able to get a certain amount of minutes, text messages, and data for free. I even could get Internet in my home, and it included a modem that has Wi-Fi. I’m able to connect up to eight different Wi-Fi devices at once, and I get several free gigabytes of Internet each month. The speed that I get with my Internet at home is 4G, and it’s really awesome because I don’t have to worry about spending several minutes waiting for a page to upload. I’m also able to put in new job applications online, which I hope will help me to land a job with higher pay than what I’m getting now. Although things are rough right now, FreedomPop has helped me to get back the services that I had before, but for a lot less.

Integrate your social life with your life of responsibility
Aug 13th, 2015 by zuma

The high octane world of today has people rushing, stressed and with very little time to spare. Between responsibilities with work or career, college or complementary training as well as all there is to do at home, one is left with practically no time left to enjoy the more pleasant things in life. This would usually mean that a social life is nowhere within oneís visual field. Would it not be nice if there was a way to socialize and even find a special someone which is integral to our everyday living, that is to say, a way to socialize without interrupting our everyday routine? The answer is yes and it is called Skout, a social networking, dating application and website.

Given the many social networks in use today, many might wonder what makes Skout anymore special than the rest. Unlike other networks, it is built on the premise that people want to meet others close to them. However, it doesn’t rely on one-on-one communication like many social networks do; instead it resembles more a physical social setting where people tend to chat up nearby strangers. Skout uses a cellphone’s global positioning system to help users determine the location of other users of the same application who would also like to socialize. This feature, however, is only enabled in the adult community which Skout segregates from the teen community. It ensures safety and privacy by not providing the exact location of others, only getting as close as a half mile radius and users can choose to opt out of the location-tracking features.

It is an ad-based free application for both the iOS and Android operating systems. For a fee users can have the advertisements removed as well as acquire virtual currency, buy gifts, boost his or her profile and obtain information as to who has been looking into them. With more than one hundred million downloads, it is certainly a very popular network and it is no wonder, it is one of the most active social network applications on Google Play. One of the features of Skout which has proven to be lots of fun is “Shake to Chat,” which allows a user to shake his or her phone and establish a random connection with someone from around the world, with whom a chat can be had and whose profile can be viewed. Noteworthy is the fact that user profiles are anonymous for 40 seconds after the ìShake to Chatî conversation begins. The rest of its features are those key features that encourage interaction; likes, comments, virtual gifts and backstage photos allow for easy and pleasant interaction with anyone one might come across.

Satisfaction for the need, want, wish or desire for companion and friendship is not well achieved when one lives a hectic life on the run. Thanks to technological marvels such as Skout and its mission to bring people together, one can begin to see a sort of light at the end of the tunnel, appreciate an attempt at a solution, if not a definite one.

Product Recognition: The New “Must Have” App
Aug 12th, 2015 by zuma

Imagine you are shopping in Macy’s and you see a pair of shoes that you are interested in buying. They cost $100. You really like the shoes but you wonder if you can buy them cheaper somewhere else, so you check online. This process can be tedious and incomplete. You want to buy the shoes now but you do not want to get home and find out you could have gotten them a lot cheaper somewhere else. That takes away from your shoe happiness.

Now, imagine you see those same shoes either in the store or on even on someone’s feet at a party. You take a picture of them with your smart phone and then download the picture into an app. From the picture that app identifies the exact shoes and then gives you multiple comparison prices from multiple stores. You see that the $100 is indeed a great price and that it is at least $30 cheaper than anywhere else. You now own a pair of super adorable shoes with the added bonus of knowing you got them at the best possible price.

Fortunately, there is such a app and it can be utilized with any retail product. This app uses what is called product recognition or visual search technology. Slyce of Toronto is an early leader in this blossoming field. They have an application that has the ability, once the picture has been taken (with or without it’s original packaging), to pinpoint your desired product from within the massive databases of the worldwide web and then compare prices.

To sweeten your shopping experience even further, Slyce also recently acquired the “Snap-to-Coupon” app from SnipSnap in early 2015. This is a crowdsourced based application which allows users to snap a photo of a retail coupon from a newspaper, catalog or even a receipt, and then convert that picture into a cell phone usable coupon. This app is also able to store and notify the consumer via push-notifications about coupon updates or expirations.

Because more and more people are “shopping” via their mobile phone, user-friendly product recognition technology has become the darling of retailers and consumers alike.

FreedomPop Provides You with Internet and Phone Freedom
Aug 9th, 2015 by zuma

How does free cell phone and high speed internet sound to you? To me it sounds absolutely wonderful as I currently pay in excess of $45 a month for service from one of the mainstream providers. I am not satisfied with their service especially not for those types of prices. It always seems there is some kind of hidden charge as well each month. When I heard about FreedomPop I was a bit reluctant as many are so I decided to do some research. What I found out was amazing. They are not a fly by night company. They started as a small provider in L.A. and have grown to serve subscribers all over the U.S and even more recently throughout the U.K. and Latin America.

Freedom is Free When it Comes to Internet and Phone Service

FreedomPop offers a free service that.provides all the great things that predominant companies in the industry provide including text messaging, hi speed internet and phone service. Their free service includes 500mb of data, 200 talk minutes and 500 text messages on a monthly basis. You can become a paid subscriber on an unlimited plan for only twenty dollars a month as well if you need more data or talk time than what is offered on the free service. If you need additional data or talk minutes but only want to pay for your overage that option is available as well. Talk time is an additional one cent per minute and data is 2 cents per additional megabyte of data used.

Where They Are Headed
Since 2012 FreedomPop has raised over 49 million dollars in funding and is expected to bring in more than that this year alone in revenue. Before the third quarter this year FreedomPop expects to have 1 million subscribers to their service. I know that I will be one of those million as this is an incredible offer and I am ready to be free from my service provider and their high rates for service.

Are You Ready For An Online Attack?
Jul 30th, 2015 by zuma

Today it’s almost a requirement for persons running a business to have an online presence. Whether you’re offering ceramic tiles or writing services people expect you to be online. Sometimes though things don’t go quite right, and you notice that your traffic is dropping, you know something has happened, but you aren’t sure what.

It’s time to check all of your review sites; it’s possible that you are the victim of an angry customer or even a troll that just wants to make problems for anyone they can. According to the 2014 Local Consumer Review Survey as reported by Search Engine Land, almost 88% of people read reviews before deciding on the company they feel will have the greatest quality. A whole 85% of those people say they will read more than ten reviews. Any negative reviews can have a big impact on how others see your business.

If you want to protect yourself, the first step is to watch all of your profiles. Yes, it’s work but given what a couple of bad reviews can do to your bottom line it’s necessary. Don’t just assume they’re all good because that’s been true in the past, it can change rapidly.

If you do find, negative reviews do not confront the person even if you feel they are a troll. Instead offer the person to contact you offline at their convenience. Under no circumstances should you confront someone online or offline. If they are a troll, they will love to engage in online battles. If they are an unhappy customer, they will welcome a chance to tell you what went wrong. Listen carefully and stay calm. You may offer a discount or coupon to replace an article or provide a service that will allow you the chance to make up for whatever first went wrong.

Let me introduce you to Darius Fisher. As the President of Status Labs, he also known as a Digital Crisis Expert. His job is to help executives and politicians maintain a positive image online. In a recent interview, Mr. Fisher stated that the biggest mistake people make when dealing with an online presence is the lack of preparation. He says that a lack of readiness can leave anyone open to online attacks. People need to monitor their accounts and expect the worst. He recommends planning a “fortress” against such attacks so the individual will know immediately what needs to be done to defend against the attack. Mr. Fisher also recommends having interesting content since user engagement is a significant part of Google’s algorithm.

Eric Pulier: A Visionary Future
Jul 30th, 2015 by zuma

Eric Pulier is a man that makes an impact as an author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who was raised in Teaneck, New Jersey and currently is based in Los Angeles, California. He has dazzled experts in the fields of technology and business for decades now since he first began programming computers in the fourth grade. His accomplishments are widely known in his native industries and still he strives to branch out into more altruistic endeavors through his donations of time and money to charitable causes. His vision has founded several companies and he has sat on the board of others during his impressive career atop the wave of cutting-edge digital development that began so long before in his youth. His admirable pedigree has marked more than a few occasions in his life when he proved his talent deserved the recognition it garnered for him and even greater achievements still lie ahead.

The childhood and education of young Eric was a time where the creative genius of the young man would begin to distinguish him above others as a pioneer in creating solutions to old problems with new ideas. Even being as young as high school age was not much of a challenge to overcome for Eric as he blazed the trail before most others knew of a destination and started a database computer company. After completing his junior education, Pulier began studying at Harvard University but did not major in a technology or science discipline and instead chose English and American literature. He graduated magna cum laude and just three years later had begun his career when he founded a company that addressed the use of technology as it may be applied to health care, education, and other commonly widespread issues. He is also responsible for the formation of Starbright World, which links terminally ill children with others experiencing a similar tragedy to interact virtually.

Pulier is co-author of the notable work Understanding Enterprise SOA, which is unprecedented in its insight regarding the fundamental problems most commonly associated with service-oriented architecture. His philanthropic work is diversely ongoing, and he donates to many different organizations to educate people about technology and assist the less fortunate when he is not directly contributing to the efforts of the non-profit he helped create, X-Prize Foundation.
Mr. Pulier earns recognition as an innovative leader and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in enterprise technology and government who is always a popular speaker at the most exclusive technology conferences around the world. Eric also donates his time and money to the Campaign for Free College Tuition to help educate all Americans. In all that he does, Eric Pulier exemplifies the best traits one can hope to possess.

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